Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Little Missies!

Remember I did one for my niece in purple when I attended Corine’s bag class at Kelvin’s more than 3 months ago?

Well, after that, I made 3 more!

I made two in shades of pink and one in turquoise and pink.

The first pink bag was for my niece, Kuyana, for her birthday in August.

I just love the pink and purple flowers and the pink polka dot fabrics just compliments the pink and purple flowers very well, making the bag look so sweet! Just perfect for my sweet niece!

The pink and purple flower fabric was from an old stock some 2 years back when I started going crazy doing patchwork. The polka dot fabric came from IKEA bought more than a year ago.

I had actually completed her bag in time for her birthday, but since I did not get a chance to meet up with her, I kept it until a time when I would meet up with her.

Guess what? This 16 year old niece of mine called me up crying, no, make that, wailing, saying that that I had forgotten her birthday and that I did not love her because I did not make her a bag but I made her sister, Kuyasmin, a bag (their birthdays are only 4 days apart).

In actual fact, I met up Kuyasmin after my class with Corine, and so decided to give her the purple bag then which, coincidentally, was the day just before her birthday. At that time I had yet to complete making Kuyana’s bag.

Trust my niece to wail! LOL!

Anyway, I finally gave her the bag when we had a family get together cum Raya Open House on the 16th of September 2010. Just look at that happy face upon receiving the bag! LOL! Makes it all worthwhile making her the bag when you get such a wonderful reaction like this, doesn’t it?

She was also excited to see the other pink bag I made, but most probably I won’t be giving away nor selling it just yet as I need to have one as a sample/reference in case I might forget how to do it.

This second pink bag has wild flowers motifs for its front and bag. I had bought this fabric at Kelvin’s at about the same time that I had attended the class to make the Little Missy.

The complimenting pink fabric was from my old stock, but fits in almost perfectly with the wild flower motif fabric.

The 4th Little Missy bag I made is in turquoise and pink, an order from a relative who saw my bag at a family gathering at my uncle’s house during the Raya season. She said that she’s ordering it for her daughter.

I really enjoyed making this bag as I really love the colour combination!

Both fabrics came from Quilt Gallery in Bangsar Village which I had bought more than a year ago.

Makes me feel good to use up stash I had bought long time ago rather than having to go out and buy new fabrics when making projects, especially those that are special orders. It gives me the feeling that I am spending less yet making money! LOL!

The bag was safely hand delivered to the relative sometime in September, all packed up ready to be given away as a gift should she decide to give it away as a present to her daughter or someone else.

I am now taking orders to make the Little Missy. So, if any of you are interested to order, do visit my blogshop at Uniquely Aznique to find out more or drop me an email.


Emily said...

Beautiful bags! Well done Nik!

All things beautiful said...

Lovely bags... For the millionth time, I wish there were classes I could attend here. I so enjoy the process of learning & creating fabric projects. For now, I just make do with very simple projects I get out of Google.

Za said...

Thanks, Emily and All Things Beautiful!

Where are you located exactly, All Things Beautiful?

I hope to run a bag making class one day when I think I am good enough to teach. Maybe I will start with a simple tote.

Will keep everyone posted on further developments on the class.

Thanks for visiting!

HaniCheLat said...

Dear Nik,

These little bags are lovely. You intend to offer bag making classes in the future? Wow! I m looking forward for that. Hopefully I could join one of them, to learn from the expert herself.:P

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those bags are just gorgeous!