Sunday, March 06, 2011

It's been a long time.....

.......since I last did any proper blogging. The last few posts were those that I had posted at Facebook first when the incident happened. I then copied and pasted onto my blog here so that I can still share some of my thoughts and events with my blog readers who aren't my friends on FB (I limit who I approve on FB as I consider FB to be more private).

I haven’t had the time to blog much lately. My life has been terribly hectic these days.

To blog-write, I need to be relaxed where ideas flow easily. I could still write when I am mad about something, and I need to get it off my chest. LOL! I can also still write when I am extremely sad, and writing helps calm my nerves and soul (like the posting A Nervous Wreck -

But, to really make sense of what I am writing, my mind needs to relax. But, trying to be relaxed when the work schedule is hectic added to the stress of Aiman’s toilet not yet fully completed to this day certainly is no formula for a relaxed mind. Do I make sense? LOL!

I have lots to write, report, blog, whatchamacallit, call it what you like. I always have lots to say and tell, but when the body is tired, so is the mind. I don’t know how many times already that as I drive home from work, I have so many things that I want to do when I get home. But, once after dinner is over, I sit in front of the TV, and before I know it, the TV is watching me! LOL!

Do friends still read my blog? Some people say that everyone (who’s everyone?) now prefers Facebook to blogging. Is that true? Will you still find reading my blog interesting? Do you find reading blogs in general interesting? Do you yourself still blog, or have you too moved on to other forms of social networking to communicate what’s on your mind, to write your thoughts and ideas? Would love to know what you all think.

OK, OK, I am digressing from my original intention to report on the last few events of our life which I to need to write, as I like said many times before this, not only is this blog for my friends to read, but this blog is a diary for my son to read some day.

Anyway, I am way behind schedule in the events that I want to blog on, starting from the holiday in Penang when my hubby participated in the International Penang Bridge Run to my bag making class at Corine’s, to the renovation work in my house which never seems to end (blogged about it a bit in short postings during my time of frustrations, anger and anxiety), my father-in-law’s Birthday BBQ and many more small events which still has some small significance to our daily lives.

I think I’d better get started. I think I will begin with the latest event first, which is my FIL’s Birthday BBQ held recently at his house on 20th February 2011.

My FIL’s birthday was on the 17th of February, but it being a weekday, it would be difficult to gather all his working children together, so we decided that Sunday would be a better day to celebrate, and that it would be a BBQ since my FIL loves BBQ. Eerr.....who doesn’t, right? LOL!

Kids playing a round of Monopoly while they wait for the chicken to be barbequed
My brother-in-law, Mahfiz, prepared the spicy fried macaroni, potato salad and chicken.

Mahfiz preparing the Potato Salad
Spicy Macaroni
Love this Potato Salad!
My hubby did the chicken too, but in a different style. He said his is Mediterranean. He also did the normal style. All 3 styles were delicious!

My sister, Lin, did her famous cream caramel custard. She came with her 3 children, Miki, Kuyasmin and Kuya, who came together with her boyfriend, Raphael. These two cannot be separated. The malays would call it “macam belangkas”, meaning that they are inseparable. You invite one, and you get two! LOL! *wink*

From left, Raphael, Kuyasmin, Kuya and hubby dearest
My sister, Lin with her daughter, Kuyasmin
I can’t recall who brought the drinks. It must be my SIL, Eina, as Adeque brought the birthday cake for the birthday boy.

Halfway through the barbequing, it rained cats and dogs and we had to carry the grill onto the terrace. Luckily my FIL’s house has a terrace big enough to fit in the grille yet still have tables for us to sit around.

There was so much food that even though it was already time to go home (it’s a school night so we couldn’t stay longer), there were still plenty of food that we could even take home for our next meal. *grin*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ayah! May you live a long and healthy life.


NYKOLETT said...

Hai Za ..I like reading blogs especially those blogs whom i seem to know the owner, well sort of..anyway we can write more in blogs,post more pics and document all the important events in our daily life and share them with continue writing Za,even if it is just for a line or two...or even once in a month...just continue blogging.

Salmi said...

Sis Nik, keep writing..I have been reading your blog since 2006 if I am not mistaken. You had been inspired me in many ways..and I even try to make a budu durian after found about it in your blog. I enrolled a bag class at QG after fall in love with your handmade bag. keep writing and take care.

zarina said...

We also had a BBQ birthday celebration yesterday for the February (2) and March (3) babies.

Azie NZ said...

i still prefer blog rather than FB. and I still read yr blog evry time u upload new posting.

HaniCheLat said...

I love reading blogs. So, please keep writing.. :-)
FB somehow has became too 'messy'.

Anonymous said...

Hai Za,

I feel sad for you with the horror of
renovating your place. I went through
the same situation when doing up my whole house. Thank god I had a backup
contractor who managed to finish it
with all his friends. Just hang in there and take care of yourself.


Neng Fadhilah Ansin said...

Hello Pn Za, I enjoy reading what ever you posted in your blog. I always wonder what went wrong when you did not posted anything for so long..please keep going.