Friday, March 18, 2011

A weekend with 3 boys and a man

My son has been wanting to have a sleepover with his cousins for the longest time, but we were not able to make it happen as my son was still sharing the room with us. I promised him that when he is sleeping on his own in his own room, he can have the sleepover.

Ever since then, he kept pushing for us to get his room ready so that he can start to sleep on his own and thus be able to have a sleepover.

So, at end of last year, we went through a series of renovation and headaches, stress and frustration to get his room ready.

I blogged about the frustration, stress and the headache that we had to go through to get his bathroom ready in an earlier posting. I will blog more on the final look of his room in a later posting.

As soon as the room was ready, all he would talk about was the sleepover. He had many plans but we would not discuss it until after his exams which was just before the 1st semester break.

The evening after his exams, all he could talk about was the sleepover. There were so many activities that he wanted to do, but we had to limit the number of activities due to the time constraint.

We finally agreed to a list of activities, and to add some fun (like as if all the activities that he wanted to do was not enough fun already! LOL!) to the sleepover , I sent out a formal invitation to my sister Lin for her son, Miki, and to my brother, Ayis for his son, Ayin.
Besides injecting more fun into the sleepover, I made the invitation so that I can use it later as part of a scrapbook which I intend to do, which, God knows when I will have the time to do! LOL!

All the activities are all of his own ideas. My hubby and I only help set the time.

Come Saturday, 12th March 2011, Aiman woke up early all in excitement. We head on for breakfast at Chawan in Bangsar before sending him for his Saturday classes.

Roti Jala - Aiman's favourite
Yummy Nasi Kunyit with Rendang Ayam
For the sleepover, we set a few rules for Aiman to follow and for him to make sure that he takes good care of his cousin guests.

We told him that he still has to do his daily cat chores, his workbook and read his daily dosage of classic books. Not wanting to be left out in the fun with his cousins while he does his workbook, Aiman came up with the idea to have me buy his two cousins workbooks too. So, the Saturday before the sleepover, we went out to buy the two workbooks. Smart eh? If he has to work, he wants his two cousins to work too! LOL! *wink*

Here you see the cousins doing their workbook together, with Ayin and Aiman tutoring Miki, the youngest of the 3 to do his workbook. Who says that doing the workbook couldn’t be so much fun!?LOL!

We picked up Miki at my sister’s condo after Aiman’s usual Saturday classes, and brought him home.

The first agenda of the day was to have a round of badminton. Alas, when we got out of Carrefour on our way back home to buy the shuttle cork and badminton net, it rained cats and dogs.

So, the boys ended up just playing indoors, which was fine by them, for as long as they get to play the PSP. In fact, for the most part of the sleepover, they played the PSP, even in the car! It must be this modern day way of a sleepover. LOL!

Gone are the days when you come around to play all those old fashion games together, but instead today  it's to come play the PSP on your own and compare what games you have and compete with each other in the game.

Miki making funny faces

Notice the PSP on the table while the boys had their tea? Will I ever understand! !!???? LOL!

Seen here are Miki and Aiman having McD for dinner while we wait to meet up with Ayin to join us to go to the movies.

They look so cute together. *grin*

Capturing the moments as we wait for Ayin

We watched the must watch movie if you are into epic movies and history, “Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa”.

It took some convincing to get Aiman to agree to watch the movie. He kept saying that since it is a local movie, he immediately made the assumption that it is going to be a boring movie. When I told him that he will enjoy it since it will have a lot of action and there are some fighting scenes, he said that it will still be boring since they don’t fight with guns. Oopps! Shall I start getting worried? LOL!

He wanted to go bowling, and a local epic movie just doesn’t sound like a good trade off. Understandable, huh, for a 10 year old boy? LOL!

Anyway, we managed to get him to agree to go to the movies when we promised him that he will still get to have his round of bowling the next day, with a slight change in his plans of activities.

I am glad that we managed to convince him to watch the movie as now, he can’t stop telling us how much he enjoyed the movie and kept asking my hubby to retell the story to him! LOL! Now he gets excited when he sees the trailer for the movie on TV and smiles when he sees the adverts and promotions in the newspaper. He even wants me to buy the DVD! LOL! 

The next day, the boys got up and still in their pyjamas, it’s the PSP again! LOL!

For breakfast, we had homemade pancakes and lempeng.

After another round of doing the workbook, my hubby took the boys swimming. I have no photos to show as I did not join them for swimming, but the boys came back very hungry! LOL!

We sat down to a simple meal of Spaghetti Carbonara.

After my hubby had a short nap to regain his energy (he did, after all, had to take care of 3 very active boys at the pool! LOL!), we left to go to the bowling alley at The Summit.

I did not join them for a game of bowling. I instead went to pamper myself with a manicure and pedicure at the same shopping complex. *grin*

My hubby did not bowl either, but instead brought along his laptop to work on while he kept an eye on the boys. I thought I would be done with the manicure and pedicure in time to meet up with the boys to snap some photos of them bowling. I thought that the game would at least last an hour since my hubby said that they will be playing two games.

Guess what? They finished both games within 40 minutes! According to my hubby, they all got overly excited, and just simply threw the balls with no regard to the proper way of playing that most of the balls ended up in the gulley! LOL!

When I got to the bowling alley, they were all already sitting down for a drink. *grin* Here they are, after all the excitement of bowling, having a massage! LOL!

No, seriously, none of the massage chairs were on. *grin*

All the throwing of the balls in the gulley must have taken up all their energy, because, even though it was only 5.30pm, all the boys were hungry! LOL! So, we decided to have an early dinner before sending the boys back.

Here you see them again playing their PSP while they wait for our order to be served.

For dinner, Aiman chose to have Chicken Chop, which, Miki, as usual wants to just follow Aiman whom he looks up to like a big brother.

Ayin had Tom Yam Rice which was really delicious. I think next time I will order this dish if we have our meal again at The Garden Cafe, The Summit.

My hubby and I had the Portuguese style grilled fish. No photos though. I must be so hungry that I forgot to snap a photo of the dish. *grin*

It was time to send the boys back. In the car, on the way to my sister’s house, again it’s another round of PSP.

Looks like it is a sleepover weekend of playing PSP! LOL!

I know Aiman enjoyed the sleepover, spending time with his cousins. I hope Miki and Ayin too enjoyed themselves.

All 3 boys were well behaved. They did not miss their prayers, and helped Aiman with his chores. Even doing the workbook became a fun time when done together. *smile*

Thanks, Lin and Ayis, for letting the boys spend the weekend with us. I am sure Aiman is very appreciative of it. Hugs to Ayin and Miki.


... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

Thank you so very very much for having Miki over for the sleepover. Miki always enjoys time together with Aiman, whom, yes, is an idol. He loves Aiman to the core, and would do everything that Aiman does or eats.

I wish Aiman and Miki could spend more time together and have more sleepovers. Next time at our place but I am sure that it wouldnt be as well planned as you had done with the sleepover. But shouldnt be a problem, just ask the boys to get their PSP and they would be okay.

Miki is always looking forward to the next sleepover.

Thank you again Aiman, Nun and Azman for taking very good care of Miki. Loves and hugs.

Nik Fariz said...

THank you too Kak Nun and Abg Man. U've been a wonderful aunt and uncle to Ayin & Miki.

Let's do more of this. Surely, u've set an example for us to follow.

Za said...

You are welcome, Lin and Ayis.

Sure, we can do it again someday.

We love having both Miki and Ayin over. Not a problem at all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can start a consultancy or event management company on Sleepovers...

Azman AM

ShannyK-L said...

Agree on Azman's comment! LOL!! 3 very acttive boys is no easy feat too!! LOL! girls would be easier I should think. Set up the Wii game for dancing and they'll dance for hours while you craft.. kekekeke.. just an idea...;)