Saturday, June 25, 2011

Me got me-self a new toy!

Yup! I went out and got a Samsung Galaxy Tab as a birthday present for myself last Sunday, 13th June. *grin*

I have been doing a lot of research on the Tab and the iPad recently and though as much as I just love the look and feel of the iPad, it just could not fulfil all that I would want in a mobile device, the most important being that the iPad does not support most of the microsoft softwares that I use to do my work on in the office.

I want a mobile device that can be easily interfaced between my office, home and work on the go.

I am still trying to get to know Sam (yup! I have named my samsung galaxy tab, Sam *grin*), but, so far, he's great!

I think I made the right choice in choosing the Tab because I could access my office email, whereas the iPad could not as it is not compatible with windows based softwares. Or, rather, no one could give me a straightforward answer as to whether I would be able to access my office email from the iPad. Samsung Tab's email apps is great! Even the attachments opens up without problems.

I was told that with the iPad, whoever wants to send me with a microsoft word doc, or, if I want to open up my word document which I did on my office PC or laptop, I would have to convert the Microsoft Word Doc into pdf first, email it to myself, only then can I open up the document on the iPad.

I could access all my emails (Yahoo!, Gmail, and Office email) from the front page.

Because of the size of the Tab, it makes reading an eBook an experience like reading a real book. But, I have yet to download any ebooks. I could not find a site that has books that I want to read. But, I have tried reading the book that is already preloaded in the Tab. The application is awesome!

My only problem initially was that sometimes I get a bit frustrated as I have difficulty editing when I want to send an email or type a document as I can't seem to figure out how to delete a whole line, like highlighting a certain text. I kept selecting the whole paragraph.

However, after Jo told me about the swype keyboard, it has made working on a document so much easier, if not, almost a breeze. Thanks for the tips, Jo!

I still have a lot more of getting to know Sam, but the one thing I like about Sam is that when it synced with my office email, I also got the calendar which really looks good.

However, I can't seem to sync my address book for my office email though. I don't know why I can't get it to work. So for now, I am inputting my office contacts manually.

I haven't travelled anywhere yet (I have since travelled to Penang when I wrote this posting) since I had Sam since I had bought Sam only last Sunday, 13th of June, but I would think that Sam would be a good travelling companion when I travel for a one day trip.

However, I still plan on bringing Pinky, my pink Dell laptop, for trips that takes longer than 2 nights as I work faster on Pinky.

Just the other day, Sam went with me to spend the night at my MIL"s house when my hubby was outstation last week. I smsed hubby to tell him that I have Sam, but left Pinky at home. I told him that I hope Pinky won't get upset because it is usually her that I bring on my travels or when I spend the night at my in-laws.

My hubby went like, "huh?" LOL!

He knows I give names to my "things" but he forgot that I recently got Sam though it was he who suggested that I call my Tab, Sam! LOL!

Another good thing that I discovered about Sam was that I could even use it as a mobile modem and have my laptop connect to it via wi-fi!

That's exactly what I did when I took both Pinky and Sam with me for a one night stay in a hotel in town, but, found out upon arrival that I had accidentally left the thumbdrive needed to connect my mobile broadband to my laptop as I needed to upload some photos from my camera to the laptop and then upload them onto my blog.

Now isn't that cool? *grin*

I still have lots of getting to know Sam, but I get excited with each new discovery that I make.

I am sure you will be reading plenty more about Sam in future postings! LOL! *wink*

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