Sunday, January 15, 2012

A box of pinks!

Everyone knows that my favourite colour is PINK. Funny ,though, that my wardrobe has very few pieces of pink clothes. LOL! There are more reds and browns. I guess there aren’t that many pink clothes in the market that appeals to me. Maybe when I start sewing my own clothes (which is when?), my wardrobe might be full of pinks! LOL!

Anyway, for the recent Mug Rug Exchange organized at NNC, besides Sally, my other Mug Rug Exchange partner is Diane from the US.

I had received my Mug Rug from Sally many months ago, which I had already blogged about it in September, and sometime ago, I received my Mug Rug from Diane.

I have been meaning to blog about it, but life has been very hectic for me the last 4 - 5 months. I hardly have time for anything much else except work, work, and more work, and taking care of the family and home.

Anyway, Diane's mug rug to me came in this huge box.......

....and upon taking the packaging apart *grin*, I was greeted with this very lovely box of pink that got me all excited! LOL!

What awaits me inside the box was even more exciting. You will agree with me when you see the contents of the lovely box. I felt like I had just celebrated my birthday all over again! LOL! My Mug Rug did not come alone, but was accompanied by a load of many very lovely things, mostly in PINK!

Here are the contents…..

The mug rug came complete with a sweet pink mug and a tiny tea pot which is oh, so very cute!

There were also 4 sachets of tea, which is a requirement under this exchange, that is, to include tea bags together with the mug rugs.

As I was also involved in the Antique Tile Block Swap organized by Diane, she included in the box the block swap. I will blog on it in a separate posting.

In the mean time, more exciting things included in the box is a pink hibiscus flower hair clip and a pink Fox Run mold, which I believe, is for pudding or jelly. Diane, can this be put in the oven?

As I was going crazy baking cupcakes in the last few months (will blog on my cupcakes in a later post), and have been telling all my friends over at NNC and showing off photos of my cupcakes over at FB, Diane included inside the box a pattern for making Cupcake oven mitts! How cool is that and it is so cute!

I definitely must make at least one cupcake oven mitts as soon as my Project Management Certification program is completed. I can’t wait!

The best gift from the box came in the form of a Dogwood Trail charm pack, and 9 pieces of fat quarters, all in pink!

I had actually bought a Dogwood Trail Jelly Roll a few weeks prior to receiving the box of pink from Diane. I bought it when the board was crazy discussing about jelly rolls to be used for the impending Postage Stamp Quilt-A-Long scheduled for this year.

Diane actually recommended to me to get the Dogwood Trail Jelly Roll, and the minute I laid my eyes on the jelly roll, I just fell in love with it! It’s pink, remember! LOL! And now, I have a charm pack too to compliment the jelly roll! Now isn’t that awesome! LOL!

Now is to actually find the time to use all the things that Diane sent me. I am looking forward to completing my certification program so that I can get on with doing the other things that I love to do - crafting!

Thanks, Diane, for all the lovely things! I am still jumping for joy and just can't wait to use some of the things you sent me! Hugs!


The Heart of Paul said...

I'm so jealous!

Margaret wong said...

Wow, lovely gifts!!

Astrid said...

Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! A box full of treasures!

Anonymous said...

sungguh cantik sekali. you know where I stay...bwahahaha


Za said...

Zohrah, I might be coming your way soon, but I am not bringing anything from the box! LOL! *grin*