Friday, August 17, 2012

A day to be remembered

3 weeks ago my mum and all her children got an invitation to an opening of a gallery at GPMS (Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjun) by the former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Badawi, or fondly known as Pak Lah.

My late father was an active member of GPMS. He had served on the Board of Advisers for as far as I can remember during my growing up years. He is well remembered by those who have worked with him.

It’s nice and touching to know that that are still people who remembers my late dad and his work, even though he has passed on 16 years ago this coming October.

So, it was truly an honour to be invited to the opening ceremony of the gallery showcasing all the works thus far achieved by GPMS. I felt so much pride upon seeing my dad’s name listed among the Board of Advisers of GPMS for so many years.

Seen here is Aiman showing where my dad’s name is listed.

As there were so many, I could not snap photos of all of them, but here are just a few of what I managed to get.

Aiman was excited of the possibility of meeting up with Pak Lah, and the opportunity to shake hands with him. That opportunity came when Pak Lah went around to see the activities organised by GPMS.

Pak Lah was kind enough to stop for a few minutes for us to take a photo with the whole family.

“Cool!” was what Aiman said , with a big grin on his face, after the quick photo session. LOL!

When Aiman finally got the opportunity to actually salam Pak Lah as Pak Lah was about to leave the function after the iftar, his reaction was one of, “Yes!”, with his fist held up against his body, if you know what I mean. *grin*

For Aiman, this memory of meeting up with Pak Lah wil remain with him for a very long time, if not forever.

I am glad that we all managed to get the opportunity to meet up, get a photo with him and salam him too, our former Prime Minister! A day to be remembered forever for all of us!

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