Monday, August 06, 2012

An unintended pincushion

Is there actually an unintended pincushion? LOL!

Well, what I am trying to say is that today I made a pincushion which was unplanned and not intended to be a pincushion the way it actually turned out, not that I am complaining.

Sometimes, the unplanned plan always turns out better than the planned plan. OK, I think I am repeating myself. LOL!

Anyway, back to my unplanned unintended pincushion, today, I wanted to recycle a cylindrical cardboard that came with Sally’s pincushion to me for the recent NNC Pincushion Exchange which held my wrist pincushion in place.

When I saw the cylindrical cardboard, I thought I could make a pincushion from it by cutting out a circular cloth, stuffing it with batting and gluing it onto the cylindrical cardboard which I intended to wrap with some cloth.

However, I had cut the cylindrical cloth a little too small and so became useless for what I had intended it to be. Then, I had an idea. I looked around my living room and found this very cute container which I got from the many weddings that I had attended.

I tried putting the stuffed circular cloth and it fitted the container perfectly! So, the next thing I knew, I was busy gluing down the lace and the stuffed circular cloth onto the container.

I added a ribbon and a tiny rose to give it more umph, and I think it’s cute, and it’s PINK! LOL!

Actually, even the pink wasn’t intended. It was just a piece of scrap leftover from the Sunbonnet Sue Blocks I was working on. It was just lying around and it caught my eyes when I was looking for a piece of fabric to make the actual intended pincushion.

BTW, here’s the wrist pincushion I received my Sally, my partner for the NNC Pincushion Exchange 2012.

It came in this so cute box!

I just love this kanzashi flower. It was only last month that I was asking at the NNC board on how to make this lovely flower, and Sally must have heard me asking! Thanks, Sally! *smile*

The pincushion did not come alone. It arrived with a lovely fat quarter piece, and 2 pieces of charms! I just love them all!

Thanks, Sally! I have never had a wrist pincushion before and this is just great!

I can’t show you yet the pincushion I made as my partner has yet to receive hers. I just hope that it will arrive safely as it has quite a distance to travel. Hint! Hint!

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The Heart of Paul said...

It's so cantik! Good idea with the container. If the pincushion becomes heavy at least it won't topple over!