Thursday, October 04, 2012

An unintended quilt project

About a month ago, during one of the extended weekends, I decided to set up the Big Shot Pro (BSP) which I had taken delivery of from Zarina’s son, Ewan. He was kind enough to bring it over all the way from Penang for me. Thanks, Ewan!

Even though I had taken delivery of it for almost a month already, but since my craft room was still very much disorganised, I could not set up the BSP up eventhough I was eager to play with it *grin*, until about a month ago.

As soon as I had set up the BSP, I decided to give it a test drive by cutting up some shapes using one of the dies I had bought together with the BSP which I had ordered from Lina, Zarina’s daughter who had just finished her studies in the US.

I tried out the apple core die, and before I knew it, I was cutting more and more apple cores! LOL!

So, what do I do with all the apple cores? Well, obviously, I had to put them together, right? LOL!

By coincidence, the apple core test pieces I cut were all in shades of reds, and so, I decided that this unintended project will be in shades of reds. So I went about going through my stash to look for whatever reds I have, and I ended up with quite a few meters and fat quarters of reds.

I spent the following weekend cutting up more apple cores and 2 weekends ago, I decided to put them together to see how it would look.

So far, this is my progress....

I don’t think I have enough reds to make a single size quilt for now, but I will just keep on adding whatever reds I have in my stash for now (this is a good excuse to use up all those stash I have!), and when the time comes for me to get more reds to make it big enough for a single size quilt (I got a reason to buy more stash! LOL! *wink*), only then will I visit Yee’s, Kelvin or Quilt Gallery.

It’s dangerous for me to visit any of this stores now as I just might spend more than I intend to, just like this project – an unintended project! Heheheh....

So, watch out for more progress on this project. 


NYKOLETT said...

Wah...the apple core looks addictive..Reminds me of my hexagon quilt which has been lost under zillions of my unfinished quilt project hihihi..but it is really self fulfilling when patchwork job are done just using our stash..I know you can finish this apple core quilt soon Ainun..Its lovely...

All things beautiful said...

WOW! The quilt is coming along nicely...even though it's all from "limited" stash. (I have a strong feeling that it's just an excuse to go out to the fabric stores!!! LOL! Happy stashing!)