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Cruise to Thailand – Day 2 – A fun filled day in Phuket

On our second day on board the ship, I woke up early to get a head start on the day. I want to try to catch the step aerobics session at 8.30am.

We had breakfast at 7.30am. There wasn’t much that we could eat for breakfast as mostly meat was served. Even the noodles had meat in it. *sigh*

I guess it’s a blessing in disguise as then I won’t eat much, right? LOL!

Anyway, after a 20 minutes rest after breakfast, I head on to the pool deck to join in the step aerobics.

Boy! It was about 13 years ago that I last did any step aerobics, and if not for the pain to my knee, I could have done more, but still, I did as much as I could without aggravating further the pain to my knee and I think I worked out a lot of sweat and I had fun!

I think I am going to sign up for a step aerobics class when I get back to KL if I can find one that suits my time. *grin*

After the good workout, I had another good warm shower, and I wanted to work a bit on my hexies while waiting for us to arrive in Phuket, but I had to lie down and take a short nap when suddenly I had a splitting headache.

Initially I thought that I was experiencing motion sickness, but I have taken boat rides many times before this when I was doing projects for the Marine Department some years ago. I brought some motion sickness medicine and decided to take a dose, but when the headache did not quite go away, I realised that the headache wasn’t due to motion sickness, but rather that I was experiencing gastric problems as in the morning, I had taken some medication for my cold. The doctor did say that it could give me gastric attack and had actually prescribed to me some gastric medicine but I had not taken it when I took the medication as I had forgotten to bring it along with me. *sigh*

Luckily when we arrived in Phuket at about 11.30am, the headache had somewhat subsided. As lunch was served at 11.30am, we decided to take our lunch on the ship first before making our way to Phuket.

Before departing for the cruise, my mum had recommended that we make arrangements with this taxi guy, Charlie, who had taken her and my niece and nephew around while they were in Phuket , since he is such a nice guy.

Taking the arranged tour with the other tourist aboard the ship would mean that we would have no control of where we would be going and the time to go from place to place. So, the night before the cruise, I called up Charlie and made the arrangements for him to meet us at the port.

Charlie was indeed a nice guy, and he took us all over Phuket to wherever that we wanted to go.

Our first stop was to take an elephant ride.

We had to take 2 elephants, so, hubby took one elephant.....

........and I and Aiman shared another elephant.

Aiman kept pinching his nose during the ride as the elephant that we took kept pooing as he walked along! LOL!

The next stop was to the Go-Kart.

I think both the boys (yes, the other boy being my hubby! LOL!) had fun at the Go-Kart. I just stayed by the side and took photos.

Another adventure for the boys, our next stop was to the shooting range or the Phuket Rifle Shooting Association.

Don’t ask me what type of guns or rifles they used. I just know that they are guns and rifles! Heheheh...

All set and ready now......

It's Aiman's turn to shoot.

Aim and shoot!

Want to see how the boys scored? *wink*

Here’s Azman’s score...

Here’s Aiman’s first attempt at shooting. Not bad, huh.... *wink*

Our next stop was a visit to the Bee Farm.

Seen here are hubby and Aiman listening to the product talk.

This guy is 76 years old and still strong and able to work. He claims it’s the honey that he takes. He’s a Malaysian, by the way, but had married a Siamese and settled down in Thailand for God knows how many years. He gave the product talk in Bahasa Melayu.

We made a stop to the jewellery factory. 

Except for the photo above, no other photos were allowed and everything was so expensive, so we did not buy anything except for some small souvenirs.

Our next stop was to a shop called Pornthip selling all things preserved and dried.

We spent some time here buying lots of dried squids, anchovies, and prawns processed in different ways with different flavourings.

In the shop is showcased a township built solely from boxes of biscuits.

I think it's neat!

Our last stop before making our way for dinner was to a shop selling T-shirts, shorts and other types of souvenirs. The shop owner speaks Malay and payments can be made in Ringgit, Baht and USD.

When you get into the shop, the first thing they do is make you listen to a short briefing on shopping at their shop. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but that their T-shirts are of high quality, that they don’t have many shop assistants, and so, running cost is kept low in order to keep their prices low. And, yes, I do agree that their T-shirts are reasonably priced but are of good quality.

Our last stop for the day was for dinner, but not before we stopped awhile and snapped this photo in front of this big Nike shop.

We had to go to town to find a shop selling halal food, but it was worth the trouble and time it took us to get there, including the traffic jam that we had to go through.

It was a great meal of Tom Yam Seafood, Fried Prawns and Chicken (yes! chicken!) and Mixed Veggies. The Tom Yam was really nice, albeit very spicy. We ate to our hearts content. *grin*

When dinner was done with, it was time to make our way back to the ship. It was close to 8.00pm. Our ship was to depart at 11.45pm, but we were very tired already from all the activities for the day.

We also wanted to catch the show for that night, a performance by the ship’s staff and crew, which starts at 10.30pm.

Seen here are hubby and Aiman with Charlie, our taxi driver for the day.

If anyone is interested to get in touch with him on your next trip to Phuket, let me know. He will make sure you enjoy yourself by taking to places you want to go.

Another photo in front of the ship.

After taking a warm shower and a short rest, we headed on to the Star Dust Lounge for the performance by the crew.

It was a good show where there were of lots of fun and laughter .

As we departed late from Phuket, I managed to catch a view from the ship at close to midnight - very serene and quiet.

The tents that you can see are like our Pasar Malam where they sell all types of souvenirs in case you forget to buy something from town to bring back home before boarding the ship.

End of Day 2.

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