Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Challenging 1st 4 days......

It's been quite a challenge the first 4 days of the fasting month.

I had a splitting headache on the 1st day of Ramadhan after we went out to Bazaar Ramadhan in Shah Alam when the sun was still very hot. Before the headache could go away, I had a bad case of diarrhea. 

To top it up, Aiman came down with a high fever that Thursday morning after sahur.

His fever subsided for a while only to be replaced with a bad case of diarrhea. He had to miss his flight back to Langkawi on Saturday due to the high fever and diarrhea. I hope he will recover quickly enough to take the next possible flight back to Langkawi this coming week.

I am still having a headache and was taking panadol but because of the continuous hot weather, and the diarrhea, the headache was hard to subside. It became a cycle.

I get diarrhea, my body gets dehydrated and my tummy is empty, giving rise to gastric. The gastric would go up to my head, giving me a headache.

I try to eat when berbuka puasa, but my tummy refuses to accept the food because it is already filled with gas. I end up having no appetite or would throw out everything I ate if I push myself to eat. It’s becoming a vicious cycle. No food - empty tummy – giving rise to gastric - get a headache.

At 2.00am Sunday morning, I woke up with a bad case of diarrhea again. I took a pill of charcoal and tried going back to bed, and managed to sleep another hour before it was time to get up and prepare sahur.

This morning for sahur, I decided to make Aiman's favourite rice - Nasi Beriani, so that we would both have the appetite to eat.

Aiman managed to finished a big plate of Nasi Beriani, while I managed to  eat enough with the hope that it will sustain long enough in my tummy to solve my gastric problem and in turn, solve my headache problem.  

I managed to find a sachet of pill chit kit teck aun, a Chinese medicine known to cure diarrhoea. I must remember to buy more to keep as standby in the house.

I took that and went to bed, but not before going to the bathroom another 2 more times.

I woke up at 7.15am this morning feeling much better, Alhamdullillah.  I was feeling well enough to do the laundry, sort out the already folded clothes and put them into their appropriate places in the closet, organised my mum’s room a bit and now feeling good enough to sit down for a longer time to write and go online.

I hope that is the end of my headache and gastric problems. I hope Allah will grant me the wish for me to be able to do my ibadah puasa with calmness and patience and to be able to do my sembahyang terawih with my hubby on weekends and all other ibadah that is required of me to be a good muslim, InsyaAllah. Amin.  

On another note, Ma and Lin, please don’t worry. I am feeling much better today. You both worrying about me is only making me worry more and would only make me have a headache thinking of you worrying about me. I just need some time alone to do my own things with a little less chaos because the office is chaos enough already. See you this Saturday!

Lots of love and big hugs!


Astrid Stenerud Prayag said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. Do take care, rest a lot and drink lots of water. Speedy recovery to you! Hugs

Za said...

Thanks, Astrid! We miss you at NNC!