Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting there......

I have been super busy the last 3 months.

I am going to get even super busier as 2 big events will be coming up, one this coming weekend - my niece, Kuya's wedding reception, and next weekend, NNC's 8th Anniversary Celebration!

Just so that I don't forget anything or miss out on anything, I am going to list down my check list here. That way I can organize my thoughts better! LOL!

1. Kuya's doorgifts - bought, but still needs to be packed 
    up. Will be doing that this week. 
    Having my nieces over to help me out.
2. Zarina's Card Trick Quilt - done! 
    Phew! Glad that I finally got that out of the way!
3. Diane's goodie bag contribution - All done! 
    All packed and labeled! Phew!
4. My goodie bag contribution - All done too! Yippeee!
5. Diane's Anniversary Gift Exchange - all wrapped up 
    and labeled! *grin*
6. Goodie bags (adults) - bought!
7. Goodie bags (kids) - need to go shopping! 
    What shall I get?
8. My Anniversary Gift Exchange - done! Packed up, 
    wrapped and labeled! 
    Really glad that I finally got this done and out of 
    the way!
9. Tag Challenge - oh! oh! Nothing done yet! 
    Maybe this weekend?
10. List of previous partners - still sorting out
11. Tasks on who is to do what - assigned -
      a. Mel - AGE;
      b. Bee Ee - assisting me with the goodie bags;
      c. Food - Zarina;
      d. ModPodge Demo - Vivian
      e. Tag Challenge (to choose/draw the winner) - Paul

I now have the Tag Challenge to do and some other last minute preparations to do.

I still need to drop by Yee Button House to discuss details on the Meet.

Yes, we are having it at his place again this year.

Hoping everything will turn out great!

To all NNC members, PLEASE go to the board for more details so that you don't miss out on any important messages/announcements!

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Margaret wong said...

Great job, Nik!