Monday, October 24, 2005

It's Baking Time!

Yep! It's that time of the year again! LOL! *wink* The raya celebration is hardly more than two weeks away!

I was initially not in the mood to bake any cookies this year. Why? Coz I was more in the mood to make cards! *grin* But U can't eat cards on raya day! LOL!

Another good reason why I should be baking this year is because this year my kitchen is finally equipped with a built-in oven! Yep! Something I have been looking forward 2 having since we moved into our house some 13 years back! Yep! 13 years!

I managed to bake 2 types of cookies, and with d new oven with multi layer trays, baking time sure is fast! It was the preparation that took a long time! *grin* The baking took hardly 30 minutes to complete both types of cookies! It sure was a breeze!

I remember when I was baking using my mum's old oven (remember my earlier posting about the oven that is already more than 25 years old?) and a small portable oven given to me by my hubby as a raya gift when we first moved into our home. It took me hours to bake even a small batch of cookies! The temperature of my mum's old oven is so inconsistent that I ended up having most of my cookies so burnt, that I practically had to throw them away! My portable oven, on the other hand, could only bake so much at a time, that it would sometimes take me all the way right up to buka time before I would be done with baking! LOL!

Anyway, both those two ovens have served me well for 13 years when we still couldn't afford a proper oven. Thanks, mum and hubby, for the ovens! Muuuuaaaaa!

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