Monday, September 03, 2007

Stitching Progress

Despite not being home much this weekend due to some family commitments, I am quite satisfied, craft wise. I managed to finished a biscornu while watching the Merdeka parade on TV in the morning of 31st August.

Later in the day, I completed a bookmark. I won't be posting photos of these two items just yet since they will going out to someone. Will have photos up as soon as they are received safely by the persons. *wink*

In the mean time, I started on The Drawn Thread's Sampler Game Board (DTSGB) on late Saturday night. I am sticthing this piece on 14ct mocha coloured aida. This is another piece I am sort of doing a Stitch-Along (SAL) with BJ. I have so far completed one mini house. I think it's cute! It's like a mini achievement to complete each block of houses. I am now onto the second mini house.

I am not setting myself any target yet for this piece. I will have to see how fast I can stitch this piece and gauge my speed before I can set a reasonable target date.

BTW, the pincushion you see in the photo is a gift from Rose. She gave it to me when Margaret, Rose and I, together with Jackie (Margaret's sister) met up for a stitching chat on Saturday as I waited for Aiman to finish his art class.

I am still planning to complete my Long Dog Mystery Sampler, which I am also doing a SAL with BJ and a few others, hopefully in the month of September. I have put this piece aside for sometime already as I work on the biscornu and the bookmark. I am planning to stitch another bookmark for a friend. I hope to finish that before our NNC anniversary meet in November.

Moving away from cross stitching, I made up a couple of cards prior to going off to Singapore, so that I have something to give to Jean and Zohrah, as a token of friendship. I made 3 each for them, but, shown here are only two of the cards, using my latest gadget, the multi-shaper I bought recently at Papier. I am doing up more cards using this gadget as I am involved in the Artist Trading Card (ATC) and Getting To Know You (GTKY) card swap at Stamping Addict. I will definitely post photos once the receipients have received them safely.


Barbara said...

I am not setting any datelines on the SGB either. Just a free and easy stitch, work on it every 2 nights of the week and that's it.

Lovely fob from Rose and nice cards.

Ying said...

You seems to addicted to papercrafts now! :-)) Well done !

Anonymous said...

Since you are quite addicted to paper craft, why dont you try Scrapbooking ? It is really fun !