Sunday, October 21, 2007

CrossStitcher reviewed

I must admit that I bought this issue solely for the 2008 calendar that comes with it. There is nothing much in terms of the charts that I like. There are mostly christmas related designs. However, besides the calendar which makes this issue worth buying, it comes with Aida Fabric Buyer's Guide that listed all the colours of 14ct aida which I use a lot for most of my stitching. It makes very easy reference for me since I always wondered if aidas come in this certain orange or brown colour or any other colour to suit the chart that I would like to do.

As usual, the CrossSticher, even though I might not like the designs featured in this particular issue, is always a good read, especially during my travels. I love reading the Letters page, and I like it when they feature the designers. It's nice to know a little bit about the designers, because it can sometimes inspire you.

For those considering whether they should buy this issue or not, here's some of the designs featured:

1. Tatty Teddy by Anchor - a cute wintery design
2. Christmas Card motifs - if you haven't started on your xmas cards yet, its got 3 xmasy motifs to offer
3. Tropical Ponds by Karen Hendry - consist mostly of pastel colours
4. Out of Africa by Dianne Machin - an african women carrying a basket on her head
5. Christmas Angel by Joan Elliot - a really nice design, if only I stitch human figures and angels. Love the rich colours which is typical of Joan Elliot's designs
6. Candy Cane Alphabets by Sam Grover
7. Room with a View by Maria Diaz - I like the way this pieced was finished off with real mini curtain pieces and rods.
8. Partridge in A Pear Tree by Lesley Teare
9. Trick or Treat by DMC
10. Style Diva by Joanne Sanderson - very cutesy and funky. Nice to stitch for little nieces
11. Blast from the past by Diane Machin - retro designs for cards
12. Stitch a Star (Jonny Wilkinson) - sorry, I don't know who he is, so can't comment, but the design in done in sephia

So, are you buying it? *wink*

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busymum100 said...


I got to know your blog from your sis, Nik Elin :)

I envy u for having the time and patience for all those needlecrafts. I have the same interests, but somehow am left with so many UFOs :-(

I also keep loads of books/mags of crosstitch, embroidery, quilting, and kept on buying until one day i realised that if i do them daily, i can't even finish them until i die :-(

Anyway, from your blog, I got to know abt the special issue (with calendar) of the Cross-stitcher, and went hunting for it. I found it :-)