Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nothing like mum's cooking........ get you all excited about food! LOL! *wink*

I didn’t realize how much I had missed my mum’s cooking until I went home for raya. I wanted to eat everything that she had prepared that I ended up with diarrhea when I came back to Kuala Lumpur after spending 3 ½ days in Kota Bharu.

My mum had prepared satay with peanut sauce which I kept on eating all throughout the day since arriving at 4.30pm on the first day of raya. Yeah, we couldn’t get an earlier flight back as we decided only last minute that we were going to fly back instead of driving. My hubby did not feel like driving back after our last trip from KB to KL for the last raya took us 14 hours to arrive. We started out at 10.00am, but did not arrive till past 1.00am the next day! Can you imagine how restless my son had been throughout the journey, and I had to keep him entertained as my hubby concentrated on driving?

Anyway, back to the food. Besides the satay and `kuah kacang’, My mum also served roti jala and rendang. She also prepared kuzi, another one of my very favorite dish. I practically grew up on kuzi kambing as my late grandmother makes the best kuzi kambing and even though she cooks it often, I never tire of it., and now my mum’s preparing it! Yum! Must get the recipe from her!

On the second day, we made a visit to my uncle’s place in Telung, about 45 minutes journey from Kota Bharu. His place is really lovely because it has its own beach! Great, isn’t it? You can practically go to the beach everyday! My son, niece and nephew had a great time playing in the sand, and I brought my stitching along to stitch as I keep an eye on them. However, I only managed about 15 minutes of stitching as the wind was blowing wildly that my chart almost got blown away!

Again, at my uncle’s place, we had more satay, kuah kacang, and bread dipped in rich kuzi. Yum! Forget about dieting during this festive season! LOL!

For dinner, we had a simple meal by other people’s standard, but it was the best dinner for me in a long time since it was home cooked by my mum. We had plain rice, kuzi, rendang, and the best of all, jeruk mame’, a pickled dish which I don’t know how to explain in English! *grin* Sorry, but, I must tell you, if you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you are missing! *wink*

On the 3rd day of raya, my mum cooked one of my hubby’s favourite dish, which is Nasi Dagang, complete with Gulai Ikan and sambal cili. More yum! I simply can’t get enough of my mum’s cooking. To top off our visit home, my mum cooked another favourite dish of mine for breakfast which is nasi berlauk, consisting of plain rice, gulai ikan tongkol, and sambal cili. Sounds simple, but it is simply delicious! I am salivating now just writing and thinking about it! Ooohhhhh! Wish I had brought back home some when I came back yesterday. *sigh* I guess I will just have to wait till my mum comes over to KL again then….

Thanks, mum, for preparing all the lovely dishes. Sorry that we got you all exhausted from getting all those dishes ready, but, I must tell you that it was well worth it, because we simply still can’t get enough of it!

BTW, I thought I’d also put up photos of my mum’s garden which is my mum’s pride. She tends to the garden as a means of therapy whenever she’s worried or misses my youngest brother, who is currently studying medicine in Ireland. Isn’t her garden lovely?


Emily said...

Nik! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your family. A Lovely Time enjoyed by everyone as evidenced in the pictures. Garden's lovely!

Datin Nik Zaharah said...

Thank you for appreciating my cooking,Nun.It was well worth every minute spent.Love you and thank you for coming back to spend the Hari Raya with me. Really appreciate it.

Kak Ji said...

Nik, dah lama tak visit your blog. Meleleh air liur as I read thru'. What caught my attention is Jeruk Mame' or jeruk mamang in Trg. Dah lama tak makan.