Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Small, medium and large projects

I started on Cheryl's Bouquet on 5th August 2007, and on Sunday morning, 28 October 2007, close to 3 months later, I finally completed the piece, after taking so many breaks to do other projects.

I am happy with the colourway that I chose. I think it is very vibrant, and further more, it has my favorite colour, pink, in it! LOL! Combined with green and a brownish yellw makes this piece very vibrant, yet, very sweet.

I am glad to finally put a close to this project, so that I can get on with the other projects I have lined up. Now to claim my threads from BJ! *wink*

It is back to the Drawn Thread Game Board Sampler piece. Not much stitching done on it, but, I am happy with whatever progress I made on this piece since it is a big piece and will definitely take me sometime to complete it.

Another progress to report, I am proud to present to you my second bag I made during my 3rd class and completed it during my 4th class. Guess you know which bag i sgoing to be my favourite bag from now on, huh? *wink*.

I am now onto my 3rd bag.
This next one is a little on formal side in terms of the design. Something I think might come in handy should I one day decide that I want to match my clothes to my bag to the T! LOL! *wink*

Not bad, huh? Now my sis wants a bag too! *grin* It's gonna have to wait awhile, sis, while I try to improve on my method. *grin*


Janet C said...

Lovely CB and great looking bag. No wonder your sis wants one too!

emilycyc57 said...

Wow, WOw and WOW!

Datin Nik Zaharah said...

Wow,lovely bags.I do not mind if you give me one.he.he.he

Aniza said...

PAt on your back! Nicely done! They are all very "Nik!" ;-)

Barbara said...

Forgot to add...this bag is a real nice size and with gussets and all, that can be tricky! Good job!

Barbara said...

The CB is great! A conversation piece no doubt! :)

Lillie said...

Congrads on your CB finished and your bag too.

... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

Dearest Nun,
Please remind me, I brought back a purse from "i-purse" for you. Its an original as I got it from Rita Stein the New York based Indonesian designer herself.

Its yours, and its done with threads and threads....

I cant wait to give it to you.