Monday, October 19, 2009

A bag of faith

During the recent fasting month, I needed to do a project to while away my time as I wait for Aiman to finish his usual Saturday classes. On the first Saturday of the fasting month, I dropped by Quilt Gallery to inquire about the dressmaking class, but Gill wasn’t there.

While I contemplated on what other fasting month project that I could do, I looked around the shop and chance upon this bag hung up on the newly renovated walls of the shop. It was a prayer mat bag but looked more like a handbag.

I was immediately smitten by what I saw, especialy the one hung up was in PINK! LOL!

There were also other colours – green, blue and cream, but it was the PINK one that got me attracted to the bag in the first place, but, of course! LOL!

I immediately got to work with Surinder to find out what I would need to make the bag.

I left Quilt Gallery a few hundred ringgit poorer (spent not only on the materials for the bag, but on other things as well…oopps! ) that day, but with a happy heart! LOL! Who wouldn’t, when you have spent that much amount of money already! LOL!

I started work on the bag, guided by Surinder’s tips, the following Saturday, and went to class at QG the week after that to put in the zippers as I am very nervous when it comes to putting on the zippers on my project.

I don’t know why, but I always find myself intimidated when working with zippers! Fortunately the zippers I put on my mum’s bag turned out okay! LOL!

I had to do the zippers a couple of times before I finally got it correct as the teeth did not match up.

So, here is my bag of faith……

What do you think? The idea is so awesome, huh? A prayer mat that can be folded into a bag, and it has enough room to even put in my `telekung’ (prayer garment). One bag, but with many uses. It can also double up as a pillow should I feel sleepy while waiting for the next prayer time. *wink*

I simply love the fabric! So english! I love the combination of pink and green! But, of course, it’s my favourite colour combination!

I think the ‘beauty’ of the bag, if you don’t mind me saying that *wink*, is in the detailing. Just take a look!

I love this lace I bought at Quilt Gallery.

Just look at the simple embroidery I made using my JANOME MC6500! The motif is so sweet!

This is the first time I am doing the handle using this webbing material (seen here in red between the handles). It makes making the bag handle simply a breeze!

Here’s the outside of the mat when opened.

Here’s the inside of the mat (the side that I will be praying on).

I just can’t enough of the sweet English rose fabric, but, alas, it was the last 2 meters that I bought.


erinrizz said...

Very sweet detail Nik...well done !!!

Salmi said...

neat work sis, looking at the beautiful bag remind me about my pending bag lesson at QG..erkss..

Barbara J said...

What a versatile bag! Good combo of fabrics too.

ShannyK-L said...

WOW! Another beautiful bag with many uses! Love the lace work. Congrats on th finish...

aniza said...

lovely done...good job!!