Friday, October 02, 2009

An unplanned day.....

I am on emergency leave today. Aiman started a coughing fit, have a low grade fever and has a runny nose. He just got up from a nap, had his shower, and is still coughing, but he is a little bit more active than he was this morning.

I took the opportunity to work on his shorts today, which is my class project at Epal, while I kept on eye on him. I had put everything together already, only when I tried to fit it onto Aiman, he couldn't fit into it. Urrgghh!

It seems that the measurement chart and the patterns does not match up. Another Uurrgghhh!

I had to take everything apart, and had just started to put it together again. This is so frustrating!

I am taking a break now. I will post my progress on it at a later date, when I am feeling less frustrated......

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