Sunday, October 11, 2009

A size too small………………

I got excited when the September Class project at Epal was a pair of shorts and a collared shirt. I have been wanting to make something for Aiman eversince Aiman commented that I am only making dresses for Fatin (I made two, one which is yet to be completed – the smocking dress). Did I sense a tinge of jealousy there from Aiman? *wink*.

Anyway, when it came time to get started, I took Aiman’s measurements and immediately started cutting out the pattern according to the measurement chart, WITHOUT measuring the pattern to see if the pattern and the chart matches up.

I must have been so excited to get started that it never occurred to me to check. Also, I trusted that the charts were correct. Now I now better…….

I had put both the shirt and shorts together before I finally had the chance to get Aiman to try it on. It was then that I realized that both the shorts and shirt were a size too small. :(

It was too late for me to redo the shirt if I were to re-cut the pattern and fabric and start over, as by then, the class would no longer be offered. But, not wanting to give up, I decided to unpick the shorts as I still had enough seam allowance to make the shorts slightly bigger.

I spent the whole weekend two weeks ago unpicking everything and re-sewing it. Aiman could fit into it just nicely, but, it might be too small for him within the next few months as Aiman is growing inches almost every month.

I decided there and then that it is best that I give this shirt and pair of shorts to my nephew Miki who is two sizes smaller than Aiman. At least, all my efforts wouldn’t go down the drain.

Look! It’s even got a name to the shorts! “Lil’ Aiman by Aznique”! A brand I hope to use for when I seriously go into business with my brother Ayis. *wink*

When I told Aiman about it, Aiman was more than happy to have Miki have it. He is close to Miki and wouldn’t mind sharing and giving anything to Miki. But, I also think that he is happy to have Miki have it because he `hates’ collared shirts, and now that the shirt is going to Miki, instead of him, he doesn’t have to wear it for the sake of trying to please me! LOL! He is off the hook!

Anyway, I hope that my sister Lin and Miki wouldn’t mind that I am giving this shirt to Miki only after Aiman couldn’t fit into it. It isn’t actually a hand me down though, as Aiman never even got to wear it. I hope Miki likes it just the same.

I might make another pair for Aiman, and maybe make a pair specially for Miki, if and only if, I can find the time, after my 12 projects are completed.

So, Lin, this is coming your way when I meet up with you next time.

I have one favour to ask of you and Miki though. Can you have Miki wear it and model it for me? Maybe you can have Ayis take photos of Miki wearing it?

I love the way Ayis and Sufia did the collage for the dress I made for Fatin. It’s a great way to promote the things I can make and sell. So, how about it?

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