Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kenari Villa Gueshouse is open for business!

Planning to go to Kota Bharu this school holidays? Bringing the whole family for a wedding in Kota Bharu but can't get enough rooms in the hotel to house everyone? Want to stay in a house away from home? I may be able to help solve your accomodation problems!

Come stay at Kenari Villa Gueshouse at Lorong Merican, Telipot! It is located behind the Rennaisance Hotel, Kota Bharu and Billion Shopping center.

It is a double-storey semi-detached house with 7 bedrooms, all with attached bathrooms and a playground for the children to unwind. No, make that a place FOR YOU to unwind as the children are out playing in the playground! LOL! *wink* It is just the right place for the whole family to relax and enjoy.

You definitely don't have to worry about where to park your car as the car porch can house 5 cars! Definitely just the place to stay when you come from outstation to attend a wedding.

To save cost of buying food, you can cook your own food as the house is equipped with a gas cooker and a refrigerator, and don't worry about having to bring back your dirty laundry as the house is also equipped with a washing machine. Now doesn't that spell a house away from home? *smile*

Come stay at Kenari Villa, and the houseowner cum Manager cum you name it - my mum *grin* - will make your stay a comfortable one!

Read here to know more or to make reservations!


ShannyK-L said...

GOOD TO KNOW!! Congrats to your mum once again.

BTW, are you sure you're not an architec? or there's a sales person hiding behind? hehehehehe.. kidding la!

The Heart of Paul said...


The Heart of Paul said...

Oh oh oh!! We can have a Stitching Bee/NNC Craft Retreat there!!!

Excited pulak....