Thursday, October 28, 2010

NNC Tea Coaster Exchange 2010

This is another long overdue posting, but , never the less, it is something that I need to post, if not for anything else, to show off the lovely tea coasters I got all the way from Italy!

Yup! My partner for this exchange is Ann, a Malaysian residing in Italy. I got from her 4 postcards showcasing the skylines of Genova where Ann is staying. Makes me want to go there someday!

She also sent me a pack of pink ribbons, which I am too `sayang’ to use! LOL! It looks lovely staying in the pack! LOL!

Of course, I must not forget the tea coasters itself! LOL!

Ann made not just the tea coasters, but also a teapot coaster too, and in my favourite colour too! They are, however, too precious to actually be used as they are made using Chinese silk fabric, and Ann had crocheted the edges to add the green colour, which has always been my favourite colour to match my favourite pink colour!

Thank you so much, Ann! Thanks for the ribbons and postcards too!

At my end, my partner to send out to is Alynn. As her favourite colour is purple, I decided to embroider her purple butterflies to make up the tea coasters.

It’s a pretty simple tea coaster. I am almost embarrassed when I compare my work to the ones the other members made for this exchange! *blush!* However, I wish Alynn still likes the tea coasters I made for her.


NYKOLETT said...

jealous nye tengok your lovely embroidery za..rasa macam nak berkejar beli mesin tu sekarang jugak... hihihi.

All Things Beautiful said...

I think your coasters are lovely. I like the mixed pastel binding you gave them. Great job :-)

Astrid said...

Very, very beautiful tea coasters Ann made for you and the coasters you made for for Alynn! I'm sure you have tons of fun with Em! :)

busymum100 said...

just beautiful, what else can i say.

I was tempted to join in the exchange but i knew i just didn't have the time to make them..

Nik, again you make me want to buy the machine too! But no, not now, time is still very limited. Panjang umur, maybe in 2 or 3 years time, then only i can participate in the free classes.