Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Journal for Aiman - a page from FB, 15 and 16 Feb. 2013

Entry posted on 15th February 2013

It's one month today that we sent Aiman to Langkawi. When we left him a month ago, he was eager to join his friends to play football. Each night that he calls us, he always seems to be in a hurry to join his friends in their chit chats before lights out. 

We visited him 10 days after leaving him for the first time and he was all excited to tell us what he had gone through the last 10 days. 

A few days before he was to fly home for the CNY holidays, he called me several times and he wanted to talk longer and was upset when I yold him that international calls are expensive. 

We spoke for a minimum of 10 minutes at a time. 

On the day he was to fly home, he called me at 1.55am New York time all excited to tell me that he is on the way to the airport. 

Hubby said that he was all excited upon seeing hubby and did not mention anything about missing me though there were a few small signs. Even when hubby sent him to the airport to fly back to Langkawi, he showed no signs of not wanting to go back. 

This morning he called me at 3.00am complaining of diarrhea and that he has had to change his clothes twice. I told him to go and see the warden but he was afraid, it being 3.00am. He was crying. He wants me to come over. 

I told him that I can only be there earliest on Saturday but he kept insisting that I come. I told him to calm down and to try to get some sleep and go see the warden as soon as daylight breaks. 

He called me again at 4.00am and told me that he had to change his clothes again. This time he wants me to come get him as he wants to come home. 

I felt sick in the heart. My baby needs me and I am 100s of km away. Again I tried to calm him down and told him to go look for his cousin Abang Ayin but he was afraid that Abang Ayin would scold him it being only 4.00am. 

I talked to him until he was simply exhausted and fell asleep. How do any parents go through such crisis? I am heart sick and wish that I could hold him and tell him that everything will be ok. 

Entry posted on 16th February 2013 

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