Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A Trip of a Lifetime - to the US and the UK (Part 8) – Night time sightseeing

It's been more than a month since I last updated my blog. It's been a hectic last 2 months, what with so many new projects coming up lately but at the same time, I find myself short staffed when one of my Senior Officer who has been my right hand man got promoted and got transferred out.

Anyway, here's the continuation to my US and UK Trip.....

After dinner, my brother, SIL and I decided to go sightseeing to see the city at night.
We walked 10 blocks to Times Square, but it did not feel like it was 10 blocks that we walked when we made many stops to enjoy the scene and took pictures.
I have to take a picture on the Fashion Avenue, especially with this statue of a man sewing.
After a while, it got really windy and cold, and without a cap, I had to use my scarf to cover my ears as they were getting frozen! LOL!

I love watching CSI (NY) and so cannot resist taking a photo with these kind policemen who obliged when we excitedly asked if we could snap a photo with them for souvenir sake.

I only wished that one of them is Gary Sinese ( LOL! Only in my dreams! Only in my dreams! Wake up, Nik! LOL!

In the background is the tower where my brother said the countdown to the new year happens.

I had to get a photo in front of this awesome limousine, but even before we could get a clear angle, it drove off! LOL!

I think the driver knows what we were up too! LOL!

Too bad I was 3 weeks early for the Oscars, not that I’d be able to go to the Oscars anyway! LOL! But it would be awesome if I had been there during the Oscars.

 I am finally here! The steps where people gather every year to countdown to the new year!

We tried to get ourselves on the big Hyundai screen.

See the tiny me on the left hand side of the screen? I am sure you can spot me! I am the one in red. LOL!
If my feet weren’t starting to freeze, we would have walked another 10 blocks to the Apple Store, but I was tired, and it was getting too cold to walk.
So, we decided to take the, ...yey! ....famous yellow cab....back to the hotel!

I am amazed how advanced this city of New York is.

The cab has a TV screen to entertain you as you take the ride to your destination, and when it’s time to pay the fare, you can pay by credit card even if the fare is only $2.00!

In fact, most shops, even the small shops in New York, accept payment by credit card.

I don’t think that would be acceptable here in Malaysia. You must have at least spent a minimum of RM50.00 to use a credit card to pay.

I think it will be some time before Malaysia will and can catch up on this method of payment in the small shops. Even a tourist destination like Langkawi, the shops there still only accepts cash.  
The good part to being able to pay by credit card is that you need not have to carry that much cash, which is good, because then that way, you avoid people trying to steal cash from you.
Over here in Malaysia, I use my credit card for emergencies or when I make purchases for large or expensive items. But my brother is just the opposite.
He said that he uses his credit card to pay for almost everything and cash is only used for emergencies. *grin*
We got back to the hotel close to midnight.

Here's one for the album - with my awesome brother, NikAi, as we fondly call him.

Day 5 finally came to an end. It had been an exciting day, but wait, there’s more exciting stories to tell! So, stay tuned and wait for the next posting!
End of Day 5 – 6th February 2013 – it’s been an exciting day!

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