Sunday, April 19, 2015

A box of gifts all the way from the US!

This posting is long overdue. In fact, very long overdue! 

I hope Diane doesn’t think that I am not appreciative of the things she sent me.

How can I not be appreciative, I love everything she sent me! I just could not find the time to blog on it. When I had some spare time, which is usually at night in a hotel room when I am outstation, and not able to sleep, I am without a laptop! LOL!

Today I am once again outstation. But this time, I am on holiday while hubby has to work! *grin* 

This time I came prepared with my ever so cute Samsung Ativ Tablet PC (no, I am not getting commission for promoting the tablet PC, but I think I should. *grin*) and before leaving for the trip, I finally remembered to take a photo of the box of gifts!

The box is filled almost to the brim with all things crafts.

Diane had sent a box of variegated DMC threads for NNC’s Anniversary Meet goodie bags. 

Also in the box is Diane’s very lovely neck roll done in hardanger. The work is so fine that when Mel, the lucky recipient of Diane’s AGE, opened the packaging, everyone was going ooohhs and aahhhs over the lovely piece. See posting on the Anniversary Meet.

I don’t think Mel would ever put her neck on that oh so lovely hardanger piece! LOL! 

Looks like it is gonna be a showpiece kept in a showcase in Mel’s home! LOL!

The rest of the things in the box are for me, and for me alone! LOL! ….well, OK, there are things Diane sent for me to make her a Circle Tote and there is the Block Swap that I am supposed to pass on to Zarina.

Sorry, Zarina, I forgot to bring them to the Meet. I only remembered about it when I was taking photos to update my blog.

I shall bring it to the next Bee. Do remind me about it. Very sorry!

Diane sent me materials to make 2 totes. I am still reading up the instructions here and hope to start working on the totes in a couple of weeks.

In the box is also a pack of ziplock bags in a huge size.

I had asked Diane if she could send me some as I could not find that particular size here in Malaysia. They are a good size to put in quilt block for Works-in-Progress (WIP). 

Diane also sent a length of quilted fabric which she thought I’d find a way to use it. I do but so “sayang” to use it because it is so lovely!

She sent 3 books on bag making and other than going through them really quickly upon receiving the box, I have yet to really go through the books gain.

I do notice some bag patterns which I think I am keen on making.

One thing really lovely in the box is a box of very lovely variegated threads which Diane said is meant for my quilting projects. All the colours of the threads are so lovely.

Yes! Yes! I love them all! I know I am going to find reasons to use up the threads in my quilting projects. LOL!

In fact, I love every single thing inside the box!

Thank you so much, Diane, for all the lovely things you sent me.

I will get down to making the tote soon.

I will keep you posted on my progress at the NNC board and at FB.

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Diane said...

I had so much fun putting the package together for you!!