Sunday, April 05, 2015

NNC 8th Anniversary Meet 2015 - Part 1

Despite still feeling tired from just coming back from Kuala Terengganu just the evening before, I was excited that the day for the Meet is finally here. I was eager to go and woke up a little earlier than I would on Saturdays as I had tons to do before I can leave for the Meet.

I had the laundry to do. I had breakfast to get ready. I had to pick up the Nasi Lemak to bring for the Meet. I have to pick up Faizon and Rose. I have to get the place ready before the other members start coming in.

We got there at 9.00am sharp and Bee Ee was already there but Yee Button House was still not opened.

We sat in the car awhile and chatted as we waited.

At 9.15am, Mrs. Yee arrived and we started bringing up our things and immediately started preparing the goodie bags, organising the food, and laying out the table for the Anniversary Gift and the Tag Challenge. 

We started the Meet with breakfast and chatting up.

June showed us her bag of yarns which she recently bought at the recently opened Spotlight at IPC

We were going goo goo gaga over the photo of a cute teddy bear she made for her daughter using the fluffy wool she bought at Spotlight. 

Unfortunately, in my excitement, I forgot to take photos of the different types of yarns that June had brought with her. I also do not have a photo of the adorable teddy bear to show. Maybe June herself can show us the very adorable teddy bear.

The Meet formally started with the distribution of the goodie bags first.

It was the start of the excitement that lasted throughout the Meet, as it always did every year. 

Every item that came out of the goodie bag was received with much excitement and laughter as there would always be someone would get extra excited over an item contributed by a member. LOL!

The first demo for the day was a hexagon pincushion contributed by Margaret. Bee Ee had kindly did a demo on how to complete the pincushion. 

I think trying to teach adult students is no easy tasks as there is always someone who would come with some smart answers to questions being asked on how to do the pincushion, with one naughty student *wink* always coming up with all sorts of excuses not to complete her pincushion! LOL!

But, here she is, all hard at work, trying to complete her pincushion. 

Well, at least she tried..... LOL!

Seen here is Bee Ee patiently showing how the pincushion should be done up.

As usual, Faizon is always the obedient and hardworking student who would quietly do as she is being told. I can’t recall if she completed her pincushion though. Did you, Faizon?

Seen here are 3 other hardworking students...... Headmistress Margaret would be so pleased..... LOL!*wink*

Next came the demo on the use of the Envelope Maker which Mel and I had recently purchased at Spotlight.

I think Mel makes a very good teacher! She is very clear in her demo and could actually get everyone to listen to her, including the naughty student! LOL!

The demo got everyone there anything that didn't get us all excited? LOL!

I think many are thinking of getting the Envelope Maker after this when they found out how great the gadget is!

The next demo was on how to use the ModPodge by Vivian who did a splendid job despite having our youngest member, Ashley, strapped to her body as she sleeps quietly.

I think we laughed too loud as at one time we woke up Ashley from her sound sleep! LOL!

Everyone got a cute little bottle to take home which they had successfully completed to cover the cap using the method Vivian taught using the ModPodge. 

Vivian also gave everyone a magnetic letter on a cork board with our initials, which she had made herself.

Thank you so much for all your efforts, Vivian! 

Next it time for more excitement as Paul was assigned to take charge of organizing the Tag Challenge.

Wait for Part 2 to read on the excitement!

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