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NNC 8th Anniversary 2015 Meet - Part 2

Read on for more exciting report! ;)

Paul was assigned to take charge of organizing the Tag Challenge.

Every tag that was submitted for the Challenge was scrutinized with much excitement as each one was made unique using different techniques. 

Everyone was in awe of Vivian’s tag that was embellished with roses which she made herself.

Vivian's tag went to Margaret!

Mel’s tag got everyone excited when we found out that she had actually stitched over the printed Eiffel Tower!

I wonder if anyone noticed that my tag was not in the usual shape of a tag but shaped like a doll’s dress?

Hmm...... no one noticed? Hmmm...... 

I actually almost gave up trying to do the Tag when it did not turn out exactly how I wanted it to be, But, after putting on the embellishments, I thought it did not look too bad, considering that I almost gave up, and besides, I have no other time to make another one.

Anyway, Rose got my tag.

I hope she will like it despite all it's flaws and simpleness.

In turn, I got from Rose.

The tag Rose made.

Mel got from Bee Ee.

Bee Ee got from Radha.

Radha got from Mel, and Margaret got from Vivian and vice versa. 

The winner for the Lucky Draw for those who participated in the tag was Bee Ee. The price was graciously given my our dear Margaret. 

It is a lovely book cover.

Despite not being too well, Jo still took the trouble to join us, and she graciously offered 3 iPad cushion stands for a Lucky Draw.

It was Bee Ee’s lucky day when she once again won the Lucky Draw for one of the iPad cushion stands.

At the next Meet, I am setting a rule that if you win one Lucky Draw, you can no longer be eligible to win another Lucky Draw. I think it’s only fair, right? *wink*

The other two iPad cushion stands were won by Faizon and Rose.

Next came the much awaited exchange – the Anniversary Gift Exchange (AGE)!

Every year, there is always much excitement to see who gets Mel’s lovely AGE, because Mel will always come up with something BIG that gets everyone going goo goo gaga over the things she made. LOL!

Every year too, Mel would come up with a game to determine who gets whose AGE, and it never fails to get everyone attending the Meet laughing out loud and anyone outside of the room who hears us shouting will get curious as to what we are actually up to when we excitedly asked each and everyone who gets the gift to quickly open up the gifts.

Can you imagine how it may sound when all you hear is, “Open! Open! Oohh! Aaahhh!”Wow!” LOL! *grin* 

This year is no different when Mel came up with a game called the Egg-drop Draw.

However, there was a slight technical glitch when at the first round, no one got anyone’s gift when no one managed to get their eggs into a numbered paper cups! 

Mel had to do some adjustments and finally the game was under way with much excitement as each one got their Gift Exchange.

Margaret got from Vivian of 3 cosmetic bags. Seen here is Paul with the gifts.

Diane got from Radha of all things cross stitched that got everyone admiring every single piece of item in the box.

The Queen of Biscornu never fails to amaze us with her awesome stitching work and finishing. 

I think the gift is perfect for Diane. She can put the lovely bell ornaments on her Christmas Tree.

Mel got from Diane a lovely Hardanger Neck Roll piece.

Everyone was admiring the intricate work of the edging and the hardanger. Unfortunately it does not photograph well. 

Vivian got from Jo a lovely casserole carrier and Jo demonstrated how the casserole carrier should be carried.

Jo in turn got from Margaret a lovely set of items all in red consisting of a hexagon pincushion, a set of needles, a mini charm pack, a needlebook, a length of lace, and a magnetic needle keeper. All these came in a lovely drawstring bag with a hexagon cross stitch piece.

Bee Ee got from me a tote bag in red with a matching box pouch.

In the pouch, I included some items I had bought from Spotlight Australia and Spotlight IPC.

This is only the second time that I have learned to put on the snap button by myself on a bag since buying a gadget for it.

I in turn got from Bee Ee a very lovely patchwork and cross stitch bag that came together with a lovely pouch with a cross stitch piece on the front bearing the words “Stitching B”.

In the pouch was filled with lots of treasures of these items (except for the lovely tag on the left - that is from Rose)!

Thank you so much, Bee Ee, for such a lovely gift!

Finally, Radha got the biggest and most awaited gift of all – from Mel!

Mel had to help Radha open up the huge plastic bag! LOL!

In the huge plastic bag all nicely wrapped up with flowers is this oh so very lovely bag!

I think Radha will be using this bag from now on for shopping! LOL!

But that's not all!

In the bag were more great items that seems like there is no end to what’s inside the bag as Radha kept opening up more and more items from the lovely box.

I think everyone was in awe of the things inside the bag, and most probably was silently wishing that they had been the lucky recipient.

Next year, I am going to get the gift from Mel as I think I am the only one left who has yet to get a gift from Mel! LOL! *wink*

So, next year, there’s no need to draw for Mel’s gift! LOL! *wink*

Radha was so happy that she had gotten Mel's AGE that she had to give Mel a huge big hug!

Awwwww! So sweet!

She said that her trip coming all the way from Kedah was worth every cent spent on the ticket to finally get a gift from Mel!

After all the excitement of exchanging the gifts, everyone started getting hungry again, and we took a short quick break to have another round of meal.

As members were eating, Jo took the time to explain about the classes she intend to have at Kelvin’s, starting with only 4 members first, that is, Margaret, Jackie, Bee Ee and herself.

Unfortunately, those working full time would not be able to join them as the classes will be held on weekdays for a start. 

I also took the opportunity to show off my Card Trick Quilt, but unfortunately, I am unable to put up any photos due to publishing rights.

Before the Meet ended, I took the opportunity to explain to everyone my plans to have a Craft Retreat this year sometime around October , November or December, which is around the date of NNC’s 9th Anniversary.

I will be posting at the board more details on the Retreat as I have the plans more detailed out over the next few weeks. So, I hope members will go to the board and keep a look out for the postings on the Craft Retreat.

I am hoping that I will get good response for the Retreat, and I hope that it will be a great success.

We ended the Meet with Zarina selling off her collection of fabrics bought at Pesona in Klang.

The Meet ended on a happy note with everyone going home happy with their goodie bags, Anniversary Gift Exchange (to those who joined) and Tag Challenge or Lucky Draw gifts.

Here are the contents of the goodie bags.

Some took the opportunity to do some shopping at Yee’s with the 20% discount voucher we got courtesy of Yee’s to those who came and paid for the cover charge.

I wish to thank Mel for organizing the AGE. I think everyone had fun just throwing the eggs into the paper cups!

Thanks, Mel, too for doing a demo on the use of the envelope maker. I am so eager to learn what other things I can make with the Envelope Maker!

Thanks to Margaret and Paul for organizing the Tag challenge. 

Thanks to Bee Ee for doing a demo on Margaret's doorgift of a hexagon pincushion.

Thanks, Vivian, for the demo on using the ModPodge. I am sure everyone went home happy with a finished decoupage bottle cap and bottle.

Margaret, there is a bottle in your goodie bag but unfinished.

Thanks to Rose for being such a great Finance and Administrative Manager! I just love how organised she is!

Seen here is Zarina filling out the Guest Book and the payment book or whatchamacolic book.

We now have records of who got from whom for the AGE this year with Rose's record book and we also know who came for the Meet with Rose's idea of having a guest book.

Now why didn't I think of this earlier? LOL!

Thanks, everyone, for bringing such delicious food!

I had great fun, and I am very sure everyone who came had great fun too! I am glad we went ahead with the Anniversary Meet this year!

Thanks again, everyone, for coming!

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