Monday, April 24, 2006

Getting the hang of things......

Aahhhh! I has only been 2 weeks ago that I last posted, but it sure feels like it has been like more than a month ago! LOL!

I want to write more often, but, now that I am maidless, I have less time to myself. More time is spent on household chores, and by the time I do get done with d chores..err....chores that is a MUST DO, err..actually, household chores are never done, *grin*, it is almost d end of the day! LOL! *wink*

You must think that I am such a slow worker to take the whole day to do the household chores! LOL! Actually, there is so much to do (only those who have done the full course of household chores wud be able to appreciate what I am talking about), but I have only so much energy to do, and it has been 4 years ago that I did any heavy household chores.

I am begining to enjoy doing the chores with the exception of the mopping. *grin* I dn't know why, but I simply hate mopping the floor! LOL! I dn't mind sweeping the floor, but mopping the floor? hmmm...... *grin* My hubby has volunteered to do the mopping for me and the vacuuming, which is another chore I dn't much enjoy doing. Thanks, hubby! Love you! Muaaaahh!

Hey! Don't get me wrong! I still do the mopping, but I'd rather do something else first than do the mopping! LOL!

I dn't mind the cooking, the washing, the cleaning up, the laundry. I dn't even mind having to prepare all 4 meals for the day, including tea, bcoz I have always enjoyed cooking, and I am blessed that my hubby and son is not fussy about food, as long as they are not too greasy. My hubby prefers steamed and soupy food to fried ones. Though it limits what I can cook, but, never the less, I still enjoy cooking for them, and seeing my son eat with such heartiness, especially his favourite food!

It is not so bad being without a maid. Though physically tired by the end of the day, I am very much mentally happy since I sent my maid back to her agent. It felt like a heavy load has been lifted off my head.

I could foresee life without a maid. Although I worry whenever my hubby or I goes outstation, so far, we have been able to adjust things around (that is within our control) so that at least one of us is still able to be around for our son. My only other worry is when, should one day, my hubby has to go outstation for a period longer than d usual 1 - 2 days. So far, I have stayed at my mother-in-laws house on those days. But, if he goes longer than 2 days, I am not sure I'd be comfortable staying at my MIL's house for an extended period. Hmmm........I am sure things will work out, insyaAllah, when it is time for us to cross the bridge, for God is great.

For now, I will take each days as it comes.....

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