Monday, April 24, 2006

The Trellis

This is what I have been working on since completing my L*K Stamp-it series. I have also been working on my BUZZ RR, but more report on that later.

This design is called Trelis and is by The Workbasket. I am beginning to like designs of this nature lately. I see myself doing more of this in d future, although, once this is completed, I intend to start on the Nature's Alphabet, an Elizabeth's Design, which is supposedly another SAL with Ina, although Ina has started on hers last week.

I can't wait to get this done to see the overall effect. The original was done using GAST and a few other overdyeds. I am using D&T overdyeds for the vines, and DMC for the rest.

If U look closely, though dn't scrutinize, *wink*, I started with DMC for the vines, and continued with D&T when I finally found a colour that matches. If using DMC, it was to be a tweeding between DMC502 and DMC554. I made a mistake when I read the intructions (trust me to make such a silly mistake! duh! *wink*) and didn't do the tweeding. I wanted to do it halfway into the project, but abandoned it when it just didn't look right. So, finally, decided to combine DMC and D&T. I thinks it doesn't look too bad. In fact, I think it gives this piece more cahracter! Don't U think so? *wink*


z_mnor said...

Nik, this is very lovely indeed! Ifact, when Linda brought those charts in, I was actually going to ask her about this chart, then she said she had to update the listing photo pages coz you have "grabbed away" some of the newly brought in charts *LOL* If you wish to sell off the chart, I would to buy it *wink*

p/s - miss chatting w u over YM. We both have been very busy off late, don't we? Will call you up, one of these days

mamavespa said...

Nik. I also get my Nature Alphabet II from Linda. Maybe we can do it together ... i mean SAL.

Ur Trelis is superb. I also Like it

Za said...

Niesa, yes, we can do a SAL with d Nature's Alphabet, although I and Ina hv the 1st series, not d 2nd, but, not a problem. Wud love U to join us on our journey!

Cheeze, miss chatting with U too!

I will try to remember to sell it off to U the Trellis chart once M done with it, Cheeze. Do remind me!

Rozita said...

i love this colorful..