Thursday, August 17, 2006

Art Work Progress

The mummy reports on her stitching, and the son reports on his artwork..... what would the daddy be reporting on? The weight he has lost in the last 6 months? *wink* I'd get envious that I he has managed to lose weight since joining the gym way back in 2004 or something like that, but I have lost none, not even 500 gms, LOL! even though I am always totally zonked out by the time I get home from work and run around getting the household chores done! *grin* But, of course, my hubby helps me out too with some of the chores. I wouldn't have been able to do everything myself. Thanks, hubby! Muahhhh!

But, the point here is that household chores DO NOT make you lose weight! LOL!

Anyway, back to why I am posting this post in the 1st place is to report on the progress of my son's art class. Typical of me to digress too far off topic! LOL!

It has been almost more than a month since I last reported on my son's art work progress. I wasn't too happy with some of his work and complained to the taecher since I did not see any progress in the last three classes that he attended.

I was assured that I will see some progress in d next few classes. Her explanation? They had just taught him water colour painting and that takes time - you know the colour mixing and all. I suppose I hv to agree with the teacher since I did notice that his crayon pieces are nice, but his pieces in water colour needs a lot of work on it. Oh well.....patience..patience.... patience.....*grin*

Anyway here's some progress for the record.

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