Monday, August 14, 2006

Exams and a bookmark

I took a 2 weeks break from my stitching to prepare for my exams. How did I fare? Hmmm.....I hope I did ok. No, make that, I hope I did great! *wink*

Well, I am just glad that the exams are over. It had been a really long two weeks, especially the few days before the first part of the exams. My son got sick 4 days prior to the exams, running a fever up to 40 degrees, compounded with a bad cough that affected his sleeping. All this despite taking medicines prescribed my the GP.

It was only after the 3rd visit and a change of medicine did the fever and cough subsided, but it was not after I had to go through a night of anxiousness when at 2.00 am he ran a temperature of 39 degrees. I had to bath and sponge him for close to an hour before the temperature finally went down, and my exams were to be at 8.00 am!

I hardly slept a wink after sponging him. I was now anxious about the exams, and worried that I might not be able to drive the 1 hour distance to the exam center in Bangi, due to extreme exhaustion from lack of sleep. Also, I was worried that I might ran into panic attack and not be able to remember what I had studied due to sleepiness. *gulp* I prayed that everything will be fine.

I made the drive, albeit slowly and sometimes, I cud feel my eyes shutting, but, thank God, I arrived safely, and my son is back to his chatty self since last Friday. *grin* I sat for the 2nd part of my exams without any unexpected events today, except for the fact that I wasn't sure if I had answered correctly! LOL!

Now that the exams are over, I can now go back to the normal routine of work, not that I haven't been busy with never ending metings and discussions during those times, only I took some time off to do some group studying in between my hectice schedule. I can also go back to my stitching which I have missed so terribly......*wink*

As a comeback from my 2 week absence, I thought I'd put a photo of a hardanger bookmark I made for Ee Koon as an appreciation for her time and patience in teaching and opening up a whole new world for me in the art of hardanger. I mailed it out by registered mail and it arrived the next day, just in time before she departed for Hong Kong.

It is an amaturish start and finishing work, but I hope Ee Koon wudn't be too critical about it. It is a simple piece, though I couldn't make out how to do the square edging that it called for. Instead, I got creative and did the buttonhole edging instead. Not too bad for an amature, huh? What do U think? LOL! *wink*


whitecalla said...

That's a lovely piece and very well done
I would say.
~ Lillie

Za said...

Thx, Lillie!
U hv not been posting much at the board. Nothing to say or report? But glad that U are still reading the messages!

Astrid said...

Nik, you have done a great job on the Hardanger bookmark! Colored threads changes a project completely. Very nice!