Thursday, August 17, 2006

Slow, but, making progress....

After almost two weeks of no stitching, I finally picked up my stitching again on Monday nite. Felt the needle funny between my fingers! LOL!

Anyway, I managed a little bit of stitching on my Joan Elliot's Stitch-A-Long (JE SAL) piece on Tuesday nite and last nite spent close to two hours working on it. I am feeling a little bit frustrated that my progress is a little slow. Guess I need to get back into the swing! *grin*

I also did some stitching on my frog project. I want to finish this off so that I can mail it out to Tammy's in Penang to have it framed. I haven't actually decided how am I going to transport back the framed piece to Kuala Lumpur, since most of the time I fly to Penang for work. I dn't know about restrictions in bringing a framed piece of art work on board the plane, especially with the latest developments with regards to the bomb threats on board flights into the United States from the UK.

I am thinking of trying to get some mail delivery service like DHL or something do the packing for me and transporting it back to KL. That way, I am assured of my framed pieces arriving intact, and I can safely send all my exclusive stitched pieces for framing, without having to bother either Niza or Zarina too much to bring them back for me each time they come to KL.

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