Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What a week!

I am zonked out tired this week and it is only Wednesday!

I haven't had time to recuperate properly from my flu last week. It had been a hectic week last week. In fact, it has been a hectic month this month of August. I felt like I did not have time to catch my breadth properly after completing one task, before the next task at hand has to be handled or taken care of, so that they can be settled before new tasks arrive.

I was working in Penang last week starting from Sunday, 20th August, and didn't get back to KL until Wednesday, 23rd August. Without taking a break from my travels, I was back at the office on Thursday, 24th, to catch up on paperwork left untouched during my 3 day absence. I think my body retaliated. I am not as young nor as strong as I thought I am, although my spirits are high. Came Thursday evening, after work, my whole body suddenly started to ache all over. I could not even pour a glass of water without aching some parts of my body. By 10 pm that nite, I started to run a temperature, my throat hurts that even swallowing my saliva was too painful, my nose started to run, and my body ached so much that even stirring in my sleep hurts.

My body just told me to take the much needed break! I slept all day Friday. Woke up only for a quick shower and a quick breakfast which I could hardly swallow. Took a slow drive to the clinic, fell asleep at the clinic while waiting for my turn to be called in. Went home, slept again. Woke up when my hubby came home with lunch. Hardly eat it, and was back in bed till past 7.00 pm!

I could not remember a time in the last 10 years that I had it this bad where I practically slept all day, oblivious to the happenings around me. All this while, as I slept to regain strength, my son played all day in the room, only once waking me up to ask permission to watch the TV. Usually, when I am at home with my son, he would be calling out to me for attention every 10 - 20 minutes, wanting to show me this and that. I think kids understand when a situation calls for them to be behave, not that my son hasn't been a good boy before this. I thank God for his good behaviour.

I thought I had fully recuperated after a rested weekend from my sleeping `overdose' on Friday, but I soon realised that I haven't fully recovered when I had to attend meetings back to back all day since Monday, and today, my body is starting to ache again. My throat hurts, and my eyes are watery. I need a break! I hope I can recover fully with a break coming up tommorrow, it being a holiday in celebration of our National Day. I need to. I have a very important meeting coming up on Friday.

My leave for Friday got cancelled for this meeting. My plans for a 4 day weekend just got thrown out the window for this meeting, so, I'd better be well for the meeting. I need to get better. I hate feeling sick. Not much gets done when you are not in the best of health.

I am not making any plans for tomorrow. Except for the usual household chores that needs to be done, I intend to take it easy. Hopefully spend some time stitching, clean up the house a my own pace. The house sure needs cleaning up! I think I have neglected it for far too long! LOL!


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Barbara said...

Take care Nik. The aches and pains just means you gotta slow down. Maybe you could take some time off next week or the week after, when work slows down a little.

Happy Merdeka to you too!