Sunday, November 04, 2007


Yes, NEEDLESnCraft (NNC) is one years old on 30th October 2007! To mark the anniversary of the formation of NNC, we decided to have a meet with the local members to celebrate, have fun, exchange gifts, eat and be merry. And we did just that!

Emily wrote, "here's wishing that we enjoy many more to come!"

Yes, Agree!

I think everyone had a great time going by all the laughter and noise that we made. Rose said that she can hear us from two houses away! LOL!

Rather than write the going ons at the meet and repeating what everyone has said, I decided to extract the piece written by Emily, as it pretty much describes everything that happened during the meet....

Hi Everyone!

Wow, that was indeed a fabulous anniversary meetup! and here's wishing that we enjoy many more to come!

Thank you Nik for NNC and MW for the organisation and Jackie for helping out!

Hey hey, Diyana and I were the first to arrive, with Just Heavenly's Triple Expresso Brownies, Beef Rendang, Sotong Sambal and our exchange gifts! Nik had her place all ready for us and with Aiman and her DH out on a Boys Only day leaving us ladies the run of the house!

MW, JW, BJ, JC and Anna were next to arrive with delish Nasi Briyani (courtesy of MW), Banana Cake (BJ's), Carrot Cake (Anna's), Ipoh White Coffe (JC's). By now Nik's dining table is two thirds covered! Nik made Lontong ~ nasi impit, kuah lodeh, chocolate swissroll, kueh raya and iced Rose Syrup.

We were soon joined by Usha who brought loads of yummy Kesari, Josephine with jelly/pudding, June with 'homemade' yummmy yam cake, seafood pizza; Rose with dhall curry! Next to arrive was Faizon with macaroni and cheese - delish! Linda and Azie were last to pop by with more kueh raya!

We had a gorgeous time catching up on our various stitching activies, show and tell, Faizon even gave a quick tatting lesson to Anna and Usha! She also demonstrate needle tatting to the tatters amongst us! And as usual it was BJ and Nik posing for picture of their completed FOs ~ this time it was the LDSal! And hey there was Nik and my SHS pieces too!

We have a lovely draw for the exchange gifts! Wow there were loads of fantastic items made by each and every one of us! What can I say, talented bunch of ladies we are!

What a great time we had and I thoroughtly enjoyed myself and I am sure Diyana did too!


.....and now ahem speech...*grin*

Thank you, everyone, for coming over to the meet. Thank you for all the lovely gifts and the gift exchg. Thank you too to all those who sent it their gifts for the gift excg from far away.

Thank you for all the delicious, not to mention high calory *wink*, food that you all brought. We ate and ate and ate, yet there were still plenty of food. That goes to show how much food there were. Take a look at the photo album and you will see all the yummy, weight gaining food! *grin*

A big big thank you to Margaret for working hard to organise the meet and making it a success. Do thank Jackie for me, Margaret, for helping out. You have got a great sister there!

Emily, please thank Diyana for me for helping out too. I hope she did not feel too left out when we started talking about all those things which we had discussed at the board before this, and the `naughty & cheeky' things we said. *wink* Don't want her to pick up our `bad behaviour'! LOL!

A personal thank you to Faizon for the tatted bookmark, Usha for the crocheted bookmark, and also for the crocheted hostess gift, June for the wrist pincushion and the hostess Dimensions piece, Margaret for the oblong pincushion, Emily for the lovely hostess DMC frames, and Mel for the pink set of hostess gifts. Thank you again to Usha for the lovely crochet pieces for the gift exhg. Thank you, Lody for the magazines. Photos of the gifts will be uploaded in a later posting.

Of course, a big HUGE thank you to each and every member here at the board who have given me all the support and encouragement, and made NNC possible. Thank you for making the group a fun place to be. May we have loads and loads of fun for a very long time to come. I hope to have many more meets with everyone, and many more anniversaries with everyone!

You all are GREAT! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Hugs! Hugs! Hugs!


Lillie said...

Wow ! what a fantastic day you gals had and I missed it. I turned green just by reading all those posting and hungry looking at the food!! LOL...happy to know that it was a great success..Congrads Nik on NNC turning ONE.

Emily said...

Here's to Nik For A Great Job Done!