Sunday, December 23, 2007

A bag, a little stitching and some crocheting

We went on holiday to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort last weekend. A great place for very active kids like my son who just couldn't keep still, even for two minutes! LOL!

I will write more about the holiday in another posting, but first, I thought I would update progress on the crafts that I have been doing in the last two weeks.

As usual, I wouldn't leave the house without my stitching, so, for the holiday to Bukit Merah, it wasn't any different, only I had to bring something that would be easier to carry, take out and do, and also quick to keep/pack up. I decided to bring my crochet piece and also my Ice Cream Sundae project with me.

I never took out the Ice Cream Sundae project throughout our 3 day stay at Bukit Merah, because of the many colours of threads involved, and most of the places we went to wasn't condusive for stitching. Crocheting was the better option, so here is my progress so far.

I am already up to the 20th row. It's got another 5 more rows to go. I can't wait to get it done so that I can spend my time doing, maybe another tissue box cover? *wink*

I have also been doing some stitching on the Ice Cream Sundae piece, though not much progress, as I seem to have very little lunch time breaks lately to do any stitching, with most of my meetings running right through lunch.

Another project I completed some time back, but could not find time to upload the photo is my 3rd bag I learned from Quilt Gallery. This is one tough bag to do, with a lot of hand stitching to put the many thick layers together to ensure that it stays in place before machine sewing. I pricked my finger countless times before I finally completed the bag.

I don't think I want to do this style of bag again becuse it was a tough one to do, especially with all the pricking of the needle into my fingers. I might only do another one if I can find an easier and less 'painful' way to do it.

I am now in the midst of doing Aiman a bagpack. I will definitely put up photos of it once it is completed. Aiman can't wait for it, and has been asking me when is it going to be done.

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Barbara said...

The doily is sooo pretty. I actually like this dusty pink, very light and classy!

And the bag is of course handsome. It really looks steady and well stitched. Can't tell that it was handmade :)

And the house tissue box, so cute. With a whole load of buttons sewn on it, it'll resemble the house featured on Hansel & Gretel!! :D