Monday, December 24, 2007

Bagged a wild one!

Finally I completed the bagpack much awaited by Aiman! He was more than happy to model this for me. *smile*

I simply love the fabric motif on this one. Very wild looking, and just appropriate for an active child like Aiman who loves the outdoors and all the jungle animals.

The inside is done in the colour of the pocket and the flap. I think should ever I want to make another bagpack like this, I am going to make some minor changes to it to make it easier to finish off the bag.

I had some trouble putting on the straps because Gill only taught me how to put/sew on the straps after the whole bag was put together, which made it difficult for me as I has difficulty getting the thickness of the bag plus the straps through the pressure foot. I just hope that the straps will stay on the bag for the life of the bag, which I hope will be a long one.

What do you think? Does it look as good as the store bought one? wink* I think it was worth the trouble and difficulty I went through making this bag when I saw the twinkle in Aiman's eyes upon seeing the bag.

It was fun doing it up, and seeing it form before your eyes, and imagining the excitement on Aiman's eyes when completed. *smile* I hope Aiman will enjoy using it for a long time to come.

I have some extra fabric from the bag. What do you suggest I should make next? Make anotehr one? Maybe I should make another house tissue box cover. That should be wild, huh? *wink*

Another shopping bag would look good too, huh? *grin*


Barbara said...

That's cool! Very safari like! :) I'm sure Aiman will get a lot of wear out of it.

June said...

You have a very happy model there. Aiman got to keep it after the modeling. Is it only me or what? Somehow I could make out a pair of eyes and a nose on your fabric.

yellowfeline said...

The bag is cute! :)
I read in your previous posting about Sakura?
Are you using a Sakura sewing machine now?
If you are, is it any good?

I'm quite new to sewing, but would like to sew some clothes for my baby girl... am wondering what brand to buy.