Friday, December 21, 2007

A quilt for my son

Wow! Has it been really that long since I last updated my blog?

Yup, it’s one of those times again when work is simply hectic, not up to my neck, but way above my head! Help! I am drowning in work! LOL! *wink*

Wanting to destress myself from the hectic work schedule, I decided to sign up for a few more bag classes at Quilt Gallery. I also signed up to make a house tissue box cover at Sakura Sewing Shop in SS19 Subang Jaya. I thought this would make lovely gifts should I need one. *wink*

I initially planned on signing up for the chenille bag class at Sakura, but decided not to, at least, not yet. I needed a break from making bags since my bag class at Quilt Gallery is still running for a few more classes. I am now in the midst of making a bagpack for Aiman.

Anyway, I thought I’d update my blog and `show off’ *wink* the quilt cover I made for my son by recycling my old queen size quilt cover. Just my little teeny weeny contribution to saving the environment. *wink* It was completed close to a month already, but I simply could not get around to putting up the photos. But, finally, here it is….

A closer look at the fabric and you will see that the motifs are cats! Yup! My son chose the fabric himself. He also chose the yellow fabric, which, coincidentally has cat paws on it, but is not clearly visible in the photo. Time for me to get a new camera too like BJ’s? *wink*

I decided on an orangy red fabric backing to complement the majority of reds on the cat fabric. I like the combination, and the way the quilt cover has turned out - simple but nice! *wink* The only problem now is that my son complains that the quilt is too heavy for him, although he does love the quilt. *smile*

I think the weight is due to the fact that I only cut the old queen size quilt to fit into a single size quilt cover, but sewed on the ruffles into the old quilt. I was too lazy to cut it off because then I would have to bind all the 4 sides. At the moment, I had only bind the side that I had cut to make it into a single size quilt. I think the ruffles added weight to the quilt. But, I must say that the quilt is really warm and cozy. *wink*


Barbara said...

Such cute cats. Lovely print! That's a simple quilt cover, just right for a kid!

Emily said...

Hi, cute cats! where did you get this fabric?