Friday, December 21, 2007

Bowled over! *wink*

heheh....that sounded like a great game, didn't it? LOL! *wink*

Two Saturdays ago, on 8th December, June, Janet, BJ and I decided to meet up for some stashing and chat up at Cottage Patch, Ampang. I have not been there in almost 7 years, and thus could not remember how to get there although I do know where it is located. OK, the truth is, I am hopeless when it comes to driving at places where I am unfamiliar with, and besides, I have a hubby. Aren't hubbies supposed to drive you around? LOL! *wink*

Thank you for driving me there, Dear, despite the bad traffic jam that you had to endure. I was just looking forward to the stashing trip! *wink* I really appreciate it! I love you!

Anyway, as June, Janet, BJ and I were busy enjoying ourselves stashing away at Cottage Patch *wink*, my hubby took our son across the street to Ampang Point to explore the place. When I called them more than an hour later to find out where they were so that I can meet up with them, I was told that they were in queue waiting for a bowling lane to be free. Yup! My son wanted to try his hands at bowling!

So, I made my way there on the fourth floor of Ampang Point, not long after which they managed to get a lane to play. My son was jumping up and down in excitement. You have to know that it was his own initiative that he wanted to try out bowling. My hubby never asked nor encoraged him to try it out. He was just amazed seeing how people played and think that it is an easy game - just throw the ball and the pins will fall! LOL!

Well, as you can see from the photos, the one immediately above shows the coach (my hubby, of course!) showing him how the game is played. From the next set of photos, you can see how excited my son was trying his hands at bowling. But, of course, the ball went right into the drain! LOL!

How did the coach fair on that day considering that he has not bowled for some time? Err.....I think I shouldn't embarass my hubby here! LOL! *wink*

The important thing was that my son enjoyed himself and has already made plans for the next bowling session/boys out with his dad. He has asked me when I am going shopping with my friends again! LOL! Now, isn't that understanding of my son............LOL! *wink*

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ShannyK-L said...

Hahaha.... At least he's having fun with papa! ;)))) Owen will always look for his papa to play and me for makan! LOL!