Sunday, November 01, 2009

All in this together

Ooooohhh! It’s going to be a busy and hectic week for all 3 of us starting from this coming week. I’ll be sitting for my professional exams interview on the 3rd of November, and my hubby will be sitting for his on the 4th. Starting from the 2nd of November to the 4th of November, Aiman will be sitting for his Year End Exams.

In the very same week, my hubby will also be sitting for his PTK, where he will be getting his assignments on the 2nd of November, and the following week, he will be going through a series of presentations, papers, and public speaking, the same process I went through in August when I sat for my PTK.

He will then sit for the exams portion of the PTK on the 14th of November. I foresee a very stressful week for all of us. May we all able to go through the next 2 weeks with calmness and confidence, and may Allah bless us all with success. Amin.


ShannyK-L said...

OH! Good luck to your boys for their exams! ;) And to your interview! God bless.

MamaDaniel said...

Puan, salam singgah.. I love reading your blog..