Monday, November 02, 2009

Getting anxious.................

Oh dear! I just came back from an interview cum presentation to convince a committee that a certain work needs to be done to prevent from certain problems from arising in the future.

I spoke clearly and I thought that I had presented my case well, but, it wasn’t good enough. Maybe my presentation wasn’t good at all!!

The committee wasn’t convinced and said that this matter should have been looked into very much earlier (before I took over the project) by the designer and solved at the design stage and not during construction.

I brought along my Civil Engineer to help convince the committee since the work involved civil works which I cannot call myself to be an expert. But, even she could not convince the committee. There was even a time when I was lost for words on how to answer the committee member’s question which I considered confusing.

I am feeling a little bit disappointed with myself, and frustrated that I had not been able to convince this committee despite presenting my case the best I can. I thought that I could speak well. Many people say that I can speak and present well, but, today, I just disappointed myself and proven wrong those who have labelled me as such. I feel so embarrassed. I am mad with myself.

Now, to make it worse, it has just gotten me even more anxious than I already am, for tomorrow, I have the interview for my professional exams. If I have not been successful at convincing the committee this morning, what more for tomorrow’s interview which is considered to be even tougher. Gulp! Help!

What little confidence I have before this for tommorrow’s interview just got dwindled to almost none after coming back from this morning’s presentation..................

I need to be able to speak and present myself well tomorrow as I will need to convince the panel that I am indeed worthy of a professional recognition. After this morning’s disappointing presentation, I wonder if I will be able to do a good job tomorrow.

Ooohhhh! HELP!

May Allah bless me and give me strength to go through this with confidence and come out smiling with success. Amin.

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Anonymous said...

All the best for your interview tomorrow.

Do some solat hajat tonite, minta ketenangan..