Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting acquainted with Em

It’s exactly 3 weeks today that I first brought back home Em to play with, and I am having so much fun!

I have thus far attended 3 classes on getting acquainted with her, and together, we have churned out many projects! Just take a look at the many things that I have made so far!

These are two tissue holders made in-the-hoop, as they call it where everything was stitched while the fabric is still in the hoop like what you see in the next photo.

The turquoise flower is made of organza in 3 separate pieces and then stitched together. It is supposed to be a brooch, but, I think it’s going on my bags instead. I have already started making 4 more sets in colours to match the bag I intend to make.

At my second class I went on the Saturday before the Bee, I learnt how to make these two lovely pouches, or, Epal calls them pencil cases, out of jeans fabric. I intend to keep the flat one for myself as a sample.

The other pouch with Aiman’s name on it was, of course, is meant for Aiman to take to school, but he took one look at it, said it’s nice, and in the same breath, said that he is NOT going to take it to school!

I don’t know whether I should be mad, upset or amused! LOL!

I guess the teddy bear thingy is too mushy for a boy of 9-years old! LOL! Maybe I will keep this one and use it as my sewing pouch instead and make him another one, this time in his favourite characters – robots!

Having learnt how to make the pencil case just a week before the Bee, I just knew what I wanted to make for Margaret as a birthday gift, albeit very late! LOL! Her birthday was in August!

I actually made something else, but decided not to send it in August as I thought I’d wait until I get Em and see if I can make something using Em, something I have never done before.

So, when I learnt how to make the pencil case a week before the Bee, I just knew that this would be just nice for Margaret.

I thought that it would be something she could use to put it all her sewing and cross stitch things. I made sort of a matching pincushion though my hubby commented that “that’s matching?” LOL!

Okay! Okay! So it didn’t match, but, heck, it compliments the pencil case/pouch, right? *wink*

I am making more of these to give away, so watch this blog to see what more I will be churning out of Em!


Janet C said...

Beautiful work. Love the organza flower. *wink*

Rozita said...

I love that sewing machine embroidery..what do I do to get one?? :-)

Za said...

Roz, buy it? LOL! *wink*

You mean you like the sewing machine motif? I thought you were refering to the Embroidery machine (Em)! LOL! Duh!

We can do a trade if you want me to make you something similar, Roz. LMK.