Sunday, November 08, 2009

NNC November Stitching Bee 2009

It was the biggest Stitching Bee thus far this year with 21 turnouts at our November Stitching Bee held at Bangsar Village II starting from 10.00am on 7th November 2009!

By the time I arrived at about 10.45am, there were already Alynn and her daughter, Usha and her 3 daughters, Anna, Margaret, Janet, Radha, Rose, Veronica, Tini and June. Soon after that Jo, Mel, Wendy, Zarina and Faizon arrived.

Paul came despite an ankle injury and Sabariah dropped by despite being on the way to go to Fraser’s Hill.

It was like what June said, it was more like 21 of us talking and none listening! LOL!

Maybe next time we should get a hall? *wink*

The lady at Starbucks where we had our meet thought that it was a meeting of teachers! LOL!

No offence to Ying or any teachers here, but, did we look like teachers? She actually asked if we are primary or secondary school teachers! LOL! I find that so amusing! *grin*

She must be thinking that probably we were all getting together to discuss craft projects for the school! LOL! *wink*

Anyway, when I got there, everyone was already engrossed in showing off what they had brought over, but none were actually sewing, crocheting nor stitching! LOL!

The Stitching Bee is now becoming more and more like a `Show and tell’ meet than a meet to stitch and chat to try to complete that UFO piece or current project at hand! LOL! But, never the less, it fulfilled the other intended purpose, and that is to meet and chat with friends sharing the same passion.

I can’t recall everything that everyone brought, but Alynn and Veronica brought many lovely cross stitch pieces.

Zarina brought quite a number of quilt pieces to show off that she got distracted from her other intention, and that is to learn how to do smocking. *grin*

Jo got her much awaited crocheted shawl from Usha which I was made to understand, it was a personal exchange between her and Usha some 3 years ago! LOL!

I believe Usha got a bag from Jo in exchange, though I did not get to see the bag that Jo made for her.

Anna was busy crocheting a lovely bookmark. We teased her about already being ready for the upcoming bookmark exchange which is being planned for only next year! LOL!

Usha brought along another crochet piece to work on, while Wendy brought along a lovely crocheted bag which I was immediately smitten by and would love to make one myself too. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap photos of the bag.

Tini brought along to show off a very lovely laptop bag complete with a cable bag. Mel brought along a very lovely crocheted laptop sleeve which was in a colour many find so sweet! I just love it!

Mel, want to do a personal exchange with me? *wink*

BTW, Mel, thanks for the mahjong papers and tracing paper, and the buttons too!

June did a demo on how to pleat for smocking. June stayed up till passed midnite it get things ready for me, Paul and Zarina, though Zarina got distracted by the many things to see and show! LOL!

June had brought along her pleating machine or whatchamacolic, and showed us how to start smocking the proper way.

She also brought along some lovely smoked dress she made for her daughter many years ago.

Thank you so much, June, for taking time to teach us the basics of smocking. I really appreciate it.

I am sorry to have made you stayed up passed midnight the night before to prepare for us the pleated pieces. It was worth it because now I know what I might have done wrong for my first smocking piece, no thanks to eerr……never mind….at Epal *wink*

Radha gave a lovely neck wrap to Rose. She also showed a few of us how to do a hairpin lace shawl.

Janet, thank you so much for making the trip to join us at the bee. Thank you so much too to Wendy and Radha who came all the way from Johor and Kedah. We sure appreciate it.

Thank you so much to everyone for making it to the bee. I hope you all had great fun!

A special thank you to Paul too for making it despite the ankle injury, and to Sabariah for the effort to drop by despite it being a `touch n go' situation.

Need I come next time to ensure that you stay long enough? LOL! *wink*

Many stayed till 2.00pm, where we adjourned for lunch at Kopitiam.

The next meet will be our Stash Shopping Trip scheduled for December! I hope to see as many turnouts too!


aniza said...

wow! best nyer...can I sibuk2 2 if I happened to be in KL in Dec?

busymum100 said...

Oh, I really miss the kay poh!! Next time, Nik, next time...

ShannyK-L said...

WOW! Bestnyer.... I sure missed the meeting up with all of you! Next time when I'm back? hehehehehe....

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