Saturday, November 28, 2009

A great time at the Craft Retreat! – Part 3 (22nd November 2009)

We got up really early that Sunday morning as Corine said that she will start me off early on my bag so that I can get as much done as possible, this being the last day of the retreat.

I was down at the 1st floor foyer ready with my sewing machine and sewing things at 8.00am, all excited to get started on another exciting day at the retreat.

After helping out to get things organised a bit for the day, I immediately got started on the ABC bag which Sheet Lin had already kindly cut to size.

When I first saw the bag, I thought that it was going to be an easy bag to make, especially when Corine said that it only took her two hours to complete it. Errr…..thanks for the vote of confidence, Corine, but I think Corine forgot one very fundamental element - and that is the fact that I am only a novice at making this kind of bags, unlike her who is already an expert! LOL! *wink*

So, how long did I actually take to do the bag which is supposed to be as easy as A..B..C..? SIX HOURS! And even then the bag wasn’t fully completed as I still have the hand sewing part to do. LOL!

The handiwork in my rush to complete it? Errr….don’t even ask! LOL! It must have been my worst! *grin* But, I am glad that at least I managed to complete it at a level where I could understand the technique on how to do it.

I definitely will have to do another piece, this time, at a normal pace, so that I can make proper notes for future reference.

By the way, I finally know how to make the zippered pocket! I have been wanting to learn how to make the zippered pocket for the longest time, and finally Corine taught me how to do it! I am so excited! *grin*

While doing the bag at the retreat, I made notes by taking photographs for almost every step, but I would need to go through them again and redo my `notes’ so that I can understand it better when I need to do the bag again.

I also took photographic notes for the four Face Bag, but not as detailed as the ABC bag as it only occurred to me halfway through making the Four Face bag on how to go about taking notes without spending too much time writing as I rushed to complete the bag.

In the mean time while I was busy and having fun at the retreat, my hubby and Aiman was also having fun hiking Bukit Bendera. Aiman called me from time to time to report to me on his progress.

My hubby said that it took a lot to motivate a boy to take a four and a half hour hike. He said that he learnt a lot about himself as a father too. *smile*

I am so proud of my two boys! More so when my hubby said that Aiman was threathened and chased by an aggresive alpha male leader of the pack monkey. It was a new but frightening experience for him but he took it in his stride, although, according to my hubby, he cried a bit, but he would not let my hubby relate it to me out of embarassment. *grin*

After completing the ABC bag at about 3.30pm, and rushing through lunch of McD Prosperity Burger ordered by Niza (thanks, Niza, for the lunch!), I immediately got started on the Lacey Tote bag.

I wanted to get as much done as possible so that at the end of the retreat, I will feel satisfied and happy that I have accomplished so much even though over a short span of time. At least I have something to show for, despite the crisis that we have had to go through and make every sen and time spent worth it.

I did not manage to get the Lacey Tote done by the time it was time for the retreat to end, but Corine gave me enough tips for me to be able to go home and complete the bag. I also took lots of photographs of the sample bag so that I have something to refer to should I need to.

Here are some photos of some of the bags which Corine will be offering to teach next year! I just can't wait! I just hope that I can find the time to come to Penang to learn all these lovely bags from her!

By the way, there was also an Etui class being taught by Agnes.

I had wanted to learn how to make this too, but Agnes adviced me to concentrate on the bags as Corine is in Penang and I might not have another chance so soon to come to Penang again.

Whereas the Etui can be learnt later as Agnes is in Kuala Lumpur.

Soon it was time to pack up, and things were buzzing around with the organizers getting things together. Goodbyes were said to those who were not able to join us for the BBQ at Corine’s house that night.

I did not want to leave the foyer of the hotel where the retreat was taking place so soon despite having packed up all my things. I was starting to experience a withdrawal symptom.

What do you expect when, the last 3 days, you have been
spending time together among friends who share the same passion as you, having so much fun together, doing things we simply love and don't mind spending all day doing it!

Note: above photos taken from Troy16 Flickr Album. You can see more here.

I was leaving behind friends I have not met for a very long time. Even though Azie, Leena and Roz live in the Klang Valley, it is not easy for us to get the opportunity to meet like what we did the last 3 days. It's not easy to meet up with Niza either as she lives in Nibong Tebal. I hope to meet Zarina again when I next fly in to Penang for work, even if it is just for a short while. Hopefully I will also have another chance to drop by Corine's Little Hut Shop!

Corine has taught me so much, but there is still plenty that I still need to learn!

Despite completing one bag and having two bags halfway done, I feel that I have not learnt enough or accomplished much. I have lots still to learn and I hope that Corine will still open her doors to me to learn a lot more.

I still have the Friendship Girl and the Hexagon bag to make, and Corine has promised me that she will teach me the next time that she is down here in Kuala Lumpur. I just can’t wait. I just hope that it doesn’t clash with my other commitments here in KL.

There is so much that I want to do and learn, but there is so little time to do it……… *sigh*

The retreat ended with a BBQ at Corine’s house which we almost didn’t make it when we simply could not find our way there. Niza and Corine had to come get us. *grin*

Thanks, Niza and Corine!

Seen here with me, are, from left, Niza, Leena and Roz. Azie had left by the 7.00pm flight earlier that day.

We had a great time at the BBQ, but had an even better time looking at all the lovely quilts which Corine showed us as she got Roz, Niza and Leena settled in for the night.

Wish I could have joined them for an all night girls’ night! LOL! *wink*

I bet all they could talk about all night long was the retreat! I am envious!

I was even more envious when Niza called me the next morning to tell me that they are doing another day of crafting at Corine’s little Hut Shop as Leena and Roz wanted to do more bags while they waited for their flight back to KL.

If I hadn’t felt guilty for `neglecting’ my son and hubby for the last 3 days, I would probably have wanted to join them. *wink* In fact, when Niza called me in the morning, my hubby had taken my son to the swimming pool, and I think I would have walked to Corine’s house had the house just been a walking distance to the hotel! LOL!

But, it would have been a rush as we had to check out of the hotel by 12.00noon. I also had the packing to do. So, to pacify myself, I set up my machine in the hotel room and worked on my Four Face Bag as I waited for Aiman and hubby to come back from swimming. *grin*

We left for Kuala Lumpur at 2.00pm after having lunch at the hotel restaurant, and arrived safely at 7.00pm.

It was a great Crafting Retreat weekend. I had so much fun, and I leant so much!

I really hope that there will be more of such retreat in the future. In fact, I asked Corine if we could have one here in KL, and she said sure, for as long as I am willing to be the organiser. Hmm…why not, huh? *wink* My hubby believes that there is a market yet to be tapped and is all for my wanting to organize one. Thanks, Dia, for your support! Hugs!

I must thank Niza, Ina and Corine so much for inviting me to this retreat. I can’t thank you all enough for the great time that I had, and for all the great knowledge that I gained during those 3 days.

BTW, thanks, Ina, for the yummy chocolate cake! Yum!

Thanks to Roslind too for her patience to teach students like me who can only crawl while others run! LOL!

It was so good to finally meet Leena in person ofter so many years of communicating online and only now having the chance to meet up. Good to meet up with Azie and Roz too. We should meet more often, but, yes, I know, everyone is busy with work and the other more important aspects of their lives. *wink* Maybe we should try to meet up at least once a month for a crafting day? *wink*

Thank you so much, Dia, for allowing me to join the retreat and joining me in Penang to give Aiman a holiday. Thank you for making it possible for me to stay on despite the crisis at home on the first day of your arrival in Penang, but I hope that you have had a great time too in Penang hiking up Bukit Bendara with Aiman.

Thanks, everyone! It’s been great!

Want to see how the other two bags look like? Check out my next posting! *wink*


Barbara J said...

Thank you for your detailed write-up of the retreat. It's like I was there, minus the cost!! :)

You must be neck deep into bags lately! Glad all went well and everyone had a great time.

aniza said...

Hi Nik!
It was really really nice to have you with us. I was glad that you really had a great time at the retreat and despite of the little crisis back home , you were still able to continue with your workshop! I have to say how lucky of you to have such a supportive husband and son.

Rozita said...

Yes, we had a lovely time there! Can I get copies of your photos there too? Didn't get the chance to take pictures in the first 2 days. I can send you a CD/DVD in SASE..

PenglipurLara said...

Nik, my pleasure...I have seen your pics, spoken to you, wrote to you..but the one thing lacking was meeting up....the retreat was a great wonderful excuse to meet up ehh...and having fun seing you guys there...meeting up not a problem... getting the right time tu yang problem... hehehehe...there is always last minute family thingy jumped in

Anyway, having loads of fun reading your retreatlogue hehehe *my new word of the day* I am still finding my mojo to write my blog again... thought of doing it after the retreat tapi a lot of things back at home and office took a toll on it... so, soon it will come... hehehehe thanks for sharing KL Retreat shall it be nanti ya Nik....

Za said...

Roz, you can take whatever photos you like here, just as long as you mention my blog. *wink*

tiger said...