Sunday, December 27, 2009

A great time making bags!

I had another great day making bags again on Friday, 18th December 2009. It was a public holiday as it was Awal Muharam, the first day of the Muslim Calendar.

We had our class at Sakura, Section 19, Subang Jaya. Corine was in town to fetch her son who was coming in from overseas, and she graciously offered to run the class for the 3 of us, Leena, Azie and myself, who were not able to finish the kits we bought during the Penang Craft Retreat last month.

We started our class as early as 10.00am. We wanted to try to get as many bags done as possible. Always the ambitious one! LOL!

Anyway, we got started as soon as we got our sewing machines set up. Leena and I worked on our hexagon bags, while Azie worked on her Four Face bag.

I did not manage to completely finish the hexagon bag but got to the stage where I could complete the rest of it at home with some tips from Corine.

I wanted to get started on my second kit, which is the Two Way bag after lunch.

Leena wanted to work on the long purse and another kit which I am not very sure what it was.

I am not sure either if Azie had another kit to work on, but, she was still working on the Four Face bag after lunch.

I had to leave by 5.30pm that day as I had a wedding to attend in Ampang, and so had to stop working on the Two Way bag at 5.00pm. I also wanted time to do some shopping at Sakura. Typical of me, huh? LOL!

When I stopped working on my Two Way bag, I only managed to go as far as putting the two front sides together.

It was slower after lunch as there were two more additional students who came in to do a lovely bag which I hope to someday learn to do too.

The place was small, and I think we, the 3 students, were already taking up all the space that Kelvin could offer. With an additional 2 more students, space was kind of tight when it came time to measure, cut and iron.

We had to take turns, and that’s precious time taken up, not that I am complaining that much, but, maybe we need to have our class in a proper classroom or an even bigger space should we want to have more than 5 students at the same time! LOL! *wink*

Dear Corine, no offence to you. You tried your best to fit in everyone, and I really appreciate it. I think that had I have all the time in the world to do the bags, I wouldn’t have felt so pressured with the space constraint. *wink*

It’s just me, I want to do so much, but time was simply not on my side.

Or, maybe, could it be that I was slow because I was already getting sleepy after lunch? LOL! Yeah, maybe that was it! LOL! *grin*

But, I do agree with Corine that the next time when she runs a class, she will only teach two bags per class - one bag design in the morning and another bag design in the afternoon, after lunch.

That way she can concentrate better and the students who are a little fast at working on the bags can help those who works slower, thus lighten Corine’s `burden’ to try to teach everyone different things at the same time.

I am already looking forward to the next class , and we might plan one for January or February, depending on Corine’s available time and when she can come to Kuala Lumpur. Can't wait!


PenglipurLara said...

Nik, thanks for the blogging for the event...but why am i looking like that? can you airbrush moi? LOL!

The kit that I was working on was Flip Bag...this is small just meant for a show or you do not have lots of stuff to stash it in....well that one is gone as my youngest, Iman has already 'chop' that hu hu.. but glad that I have someone else in the household that I can share the stuff that I make and enjoy creativity....

azreen said...

Assalamualaikum Puan,

My name is Azreen and I'm from JB.I have been reading ur blog for quite some time. I’m interested in attending the bag making class at Sakura. Can u please help me by providing the contact number or class schedule?


Have a nice day!

tiger said...