Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bags of pink!

After coming back from the retreat in Penang, I was excited to get started on the two bags which I did not manage to complete while at the retreat as there was so much to do, but so little time to do them all.

However, I never managed to even touch the bags until the evening of Hari Raya Haji as I came down with a flu and a bad case of backache on Wednesday which lasted till Raya Haji day itself.

I think it had to do with the fact that I never had the time to fully recuperate from the traveling and excitement over the last 3 days in Penang as I had to go back to work the day after I arrived on Monday evening. I needed a break to recuperate from my break! LOL!

Anyway, not wanting the long weekend to go to waste, and after feeling much better after a much needed rest on Friday evening (we did not do any visiting to any relatives’ house this Raya Haji, except to visit my in-laws and talking to my mum over the phone, due to my bad backache), I slowly picked up the bags to work on.

I managed to complete both bags – the Four Face Bag

and the Lacey Tote – just before I had to get dinner ready.

I like both bags, but I think the Lacey Tote is really sweet, especially it being in PINK, and with the lace and all!

I can imagine myself having to walk really daintily and looking demure dressed in a flowing skirt carrying this lacey tote! LOL! *wink*

The Four Face bag, on the other hand, is more like the rough tough type of bag where I could just carry it around wearing jeans and dumping everything and anything inside it! LOL!

Both bags are made from printed corduroy, and yes, they are of the same motif. I could not resist buying the pink kits even though there were many other colours, but none attracted me more than the pink bag kits. *grin* I think it was also more because I did not like the fabric combination of the other colours, even though I thought I should make one in earth tones.

I figured I could always make the bags in other colours once I have learnt the technique of making the bags. I do plan to make more of all 3 bags that I have learnt at the retreat. Corine had already asked me if I had made more bags since I came back. *smile*

BTW, here’s the kit for the Hexagon bag which I never even managed to get started on.

I also bought the tea pots and tea cup pieces which I hope to appliqué some day. Yup! SOMEDAY! LOL! So, when will that day come? *grin*

We also got upon registering for the retreat a kit for a purse, but I never got the time to learn how to assemble it. I am hoping for when Corine comes to KL next time to learn how to assemble it from her.

Oh! Have you heard that she's coming to town very very soon and she's offering to teach a bag or two? Would any of you be interested to take up the bag making class?

I will tell more later in another posting. So, keep a lookout, or, if you can't wait, leave a comment here or email me offlist. If we have enough positive response, we might just start organising a formal class.

Anyway, back to what I got at the retreat, I also bought, couldn’t resist it *grin*, 2 pieces of one meter each fabric at Corine’s shop, and two rulers from Kelvin’s shop.

The longer one is actually in metrics because I have yet to have one in metrics. All my other crafting rulers are in imperial.

I bought the square one with the hope that my squares will be more squared up. Yeah, I know, I don’t actually need to buy a square ruler to make my squares square, but, heck, I just have got to have it! LOL! *wink*

My sewing friends will understand, right? *wink*


Anonymous said...

I love the rough and tough bag! I am going to have to buy that pattern. Is there a place online where I can get it? I like your dainty bag too. I am a blue girl, but this pink is quite lovely and in corduoroy, so pretty! I can agree with you about the ruler for squaring up our squares...let's see, I have how many? Quite a few! :)

See you later,

Za said...

Peggy, Corine does not sell online, but, I could buy it for you and send it over, if you like.

I might even be able to have her pack it up in a colour that you prefer, if she does not mind.

However, I must tell you that there are no instructions included in the kit. She teaches/gives out intrcutions only in person, for now.

Let me know if you want me to get it for you.

Sathiya said...

ohhh .. love the pink bags .. i think my girl will kill for it .. lol .. she is pink all over if u knw wht i mean ..

ShannyK-L said...

Lacey tote is just so pretty! And th rough & tough it bag, I like the design. Well done Nik!