Sunday, December 27, 2009

A rite of passage

My son is now a man….well, so to speak. At least that’s what my hubby likes to say.

It is said that when a boy goes through the berkhatan (circumcision), he is considered to be a man already. But, my son is only 9, and still very much my baby. Well, I think he will forever be my baby even when he’s 21! LOL!

Anyway, my son finally went for his berkhatan last Sunday, 20th December 2009. He did it at the Pusrawi Clinic, Section 14, Petaling Jaya.

He had been nervous about it for days before the procedure. In fact, the morning of the procedure, he actually asked me, “Mummy, bersunat kan sunat, I don’t actually have to do it, right?” LOL! Smart boy! Very smart! *grin*

He went in for the procedure at 9.15am. My mum followed us to the clinic, and when she heard my son screaming at the top of his voice, she half expected that Aiman will come out of the clinic without ever going through with the procedure! She said that the whole clinic could hear him scream! LOL! *grin*

He actually screamed not during the actual procedure, but when the doctor was administering the local anaesthetic. LOL!

While the doctor was doing the actual procedure, and the anesthetic had already taken affect, he still kept saying that it hurts, when it actual fact, he was already numb at that area. The doctor made sure of that. It was just probably fear in his head.

I sincerely hope that my son is not going to grow up being scared of every little thing. I hope that this phase will pass by…and very quickly! *grin*

Thank God, the procedure went well, but by the time it was over and done with, he was very teary eyed and we told me to wipe off his tears as we don’t want his cousin, Amirul, who was next to be circumcised, see him crying as it might scare him.

Aiman’s response? “Biarlah. Aiman nak bagi dia takut!” Oh dear!

When I told the doctor that the night before we had a Kenduri Doa Selamat and had some of his male cousins to give him some words of encouragement, the doctor said that that is the worse! LOL!

They don’t come to give you words of encouragement, but rather to scare you more! LOL!

Is that really true, Dia, of boys? Were you like that too when you or your friends and relatives were about to be circumcised – to scare them more than to give them words of encouragement?

Anyway, both boys, Aiman and Amirul, went through the procedure without much a problem. Alhamdullillah.

Seen here are photos after the procedure. Just look at the faces of the two boys! LOL!

My mum with my hubby, my nephew, Akmarul, and the two boys.

The two boys with my SIL and her family, my hubby and I.

Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, just the day before, on Saturday, we had a simple Kenduri Doa Selamat to ask Allah for His blessings and for everything to go on smoothly.

We had it at my MIL’s house as we shared the occasion with my SIL, Eina.

There was quite a lot of food spread out as you can see from the photos.

It so happened that it was also my niece, Alyssa’s birthday that day, and the next day, 20th December, was my nephew, Akmarul’s (Amirul and Alyssa’s younger brother) 5th birthday. So, my SIL, Eina decided to have a small celebration for both of them too.

You can see both Alyssa and Aklmarul cutting the birthday cake while Aiman and Amirul cut the Pulut Kuning.

My mum was here too, all the way from Kota Bharu. So were my sister, Lin, and 3 of her kids. My brother, Ayis, came with his wife, Sufia, son, Ayin, and daughter, Fatin.

Significantly missing were my SIL, Adeque and her family, who had gone on holiday, my brother Azan, who had to work, my sister, Chik, who is in Kota Bharu and couldn’t come, and, of course, my brother, NikAi, who is doing his Masters in the US.

It would have been nice if everyone could have come, but, I suppose everyone has their priorities. I am just glad that at least my mum, sister, Lin, and my brother, Ayis, were there to give Aiman moral support.