Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday presents and birthday treats!

I was in Ipoh on my birthday, 8th June 2010, attending a conference. My hubby had driven me there with my son on Sunday, 6th June. My hubby left with my son on my birthday itself as he had to work the following day. It was sad that he had to leave, of all days, on my birthday itself, but I understand that he has other commitments to attend to and he promised me that he would treat me to a good birthday dinner on Saturday after I come back from Ipoh.

As he left Ipoh in the morning while I was still in the conference, I came back to an empty hotel room during lunch, and I felt a pang of sadness, missing my son and hubby tremendously. What a way to spend a birthday! *sigh*

I couldn’t help but cried *grin* the minute I heard my son’s voice over the phone, but had to keep my cool as I did not want my son to know how much I miss him as it might affect him too.

My son had given me a soft toy cheetah the day before which he made my hubby buy for me at The Lost World of Tambun, a theme park where he had spent the whole day with my hubby the day before. The cheetah too looks lost and forlorn, so that makes two of us feeling lonely! LOL!

There was a family dinner organised as part of the programme for the conference, but since my own family had gone home, I did not feel like joining the dinner. I am glad that at least I had made dinner plans earlier with Janet.

Janet picked me up at precisely 7.15 pm and we made our way to this restaurant called Restoran MP in Greentown.

It offered all-you-can-eat BBQ Steamboat Buffet, complete with ice-cream and many other desserts. I would have taken some photos of the food that we ate, but since we were seated quite centrally, I decided against it as I did not want to end up being told off by the waiter/waitress like what happened at this restaurant in Kelana Jaya when we went there for my father-in-laws birthday in February.

I think many people are still very ignorant of the power of IT and the publicity it can bring had that restaurant (in Kelana Jaya) allowed me to take photos and blog about it. I was practically promoting the restaurant free of charge! But, I guess the Manager just lost his chance, and for sure, I am not going there anymore!

Anyway, back to the dinner with Janet, the only photo I managed to snap was this plate of mini cakes Janet had taken for me as she wished me Happy Birthday. *smile*

After dinner, Janet showed me around Ipoh town and the area where she is staying. I realised that Ipoh isn’t such a small town after all! LOL! I thought that the only shopping complex in Ipoh is Ipoh Parade, but I also found out that Ipoh has a huge Jusco and the area surrounding it was so full of life! *grin* It seems that the area where we first arrived in Ipoh was the old town area which was more subdued, it being where most of the offices are.

Janet sent me back to my hotel at about 10.30pm, where, after a good warm shower, I headed straight to bed, hugging my cheetah.

Thanks, Janet, for such a lovely dinner! See you in July when we have our next Stitching Bee!

When I got home the next day, after a much needed rest from all the travelling and two whole days of sitting in a conference and going project site visiting, I opened up the much awaited birthday presents which I got at the Bee in May from Rose, who is my partner for the Birthday Gift Exchange, and from Janet and Margaret.

From Rose, I had received this box full of treasures filled up to the brim with a pair of slippers, two balls of pink yarns, a plastic container for knicks and knacks, a Lizzie Kate chart, a chart for beading works, 3 skeins of yarns, a packet of beads, a packet of needles, a length of pink and brown fabric, a birthday card and this very lovely pincushion.

Here’s a closer look at the lovely pincushion/biscornu. I just love this pincushion and it is already sitting in my showcase of all the lovely things my stitching friends had given me.

From Janet, I received this lovely handmade set of beaded necklace and earrings, a mini birthday card and a lovely piece of pink fabric. I must go through my closet to see which clothes will suit this lovely set of jewellery!

From Margaret, I received this very lovely pinkeep, 2 pieces of pink fabric, and a packet of dark red ric rac.

Here is a close-up of the lovely pinkeep.

Thank you, Margaret, Rose and Janet, for all the lovely gifts!

Next posting – the birthday dinner treat from my hubby!


Janet C said...

You're most welcome!
Lovely gifts from Rose and MW there! So thoughtful of Aiman to get you the cheetah!
May you have many more blessed birthdays! :)

Za said...

Yeah, it was so sweet of Aiman.

You gave some lovely set of jewellery too, Janet!

Sharifah said...

happy birthday kak za.. we share the same date .. lovely :)

Lillie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nik.
Wishing you everything that makes you happy always.

Emily said...

Lovely prezzies you got there Nik!

Happy Belated Birthday!