Sunday, June 20, 2010

Missing Abang

Err...since when did I have an abang, a brother? LOL! *grin*

WE had an Abang when this cute orange cat called our house his home some 3 months ago when our back neighbour left him and his 4 siblings who were hardly a few weeks old to go off for their Chinese New Year holiday. They came over to our house looking for food.

Ever since then, Abang and his sisters have been my son’s and our companion each evening when we come home from work and my son from his Atok’s house.

Even my hubby would spend time just looking at them play and he said many times that we can sometimes learn from the animals when we saw how caring Abang is towards his sisters who still crave for attention when their mum left them when the sisters were still very much ‘infants’.

Seen here is my hubby giving the kittens their bath. Such are our attachments to the kitties.

My son rushes home to see then, and I wake up on the weekends hearing them meowing in the kitchen asking for food. They are such a joy to watch although I do sometimes get annoyed when they start doing their business in my vegetable garden! LOL!

But, about 3 weeks ago, the mother delivered two more kittens in our back kitchen. We didn’t even get to see the little ones before she took them away when the kitties were just about a week old.

During that first week after she had the kitties, she was hostile towards her other kittens but not Abang. Abang was the caring one, and I think, because of that, when she took the little kitties away, Abang must have followed her to where ever to take care of them like he did when the mother left her 4 earlier kittens at our house in the care of Abang some 3 months ago while she went gallivanting to God knows where.

Now Abang is nowhere to be seen. The 4 kittens still come daily for their food, and the mum would pop in from time to time, but without the two new little kitties and Abang.

My heart yearns for Abang. I cannot help but wonder where he is and if he is okay.

I just hope that where ever he is, with or without his new siblings, he is okay and whoever has him will take good care of him. I miss him, and I hope that someday he will come home to Mummy.

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