Saturday, August 14, 2010

A bag for the Little Missy

Corine was down here in Kuala Lumpur again on the 30th and 31st of July to conduct a bag making class. Unfortunately I could not attend the class on the 30th as I could not take leave from work. I got the green light from my hubby to go for the class on the 31st as he said that he will send Aiman for his Saturday classes. Thanks, Dia!

I arrived at Kelvin’s at precisely 10.00am when Ah Bee had just opened the door for business. *grin* Corine was already there waiting for her students to arrive. I was the first of her many students for that day, and I immediately got myself settled in to work on my bag.

For this class, I did the Little Missy. I am doing it for a certain lucky niece whose favourite colour is purple. *wink*

Even before coming in to class, I had already done my homework by cutting out the interfacing and ironing them onto to my fabrics. The preparation at home was necessary so that we don’t have to spend too much time on the basic mundane things which can be done on our own without needing for any instructions and when we attend classes, we can get straight into putting the bags together.

My hubby finds it amusing that I have homework to do in preparation for my class. LOL!

The preparation can takes hours actually – the drawing of the template onto the interfacing, the cutting of the interfacing and the ironing of the interfacing onto the fabric and then you need to cut the fabric according to the template before you can actually be ready for class.

You can, actually, if you want to, do all those things in class if you are not sure on how to cut the templates, but you might not be able to complete the bag in a day. You would then need at least 2 days of classes to do everything from A to Z, guided by Corine and Shit Lin.

I don’t have that luxury of time to take 2 days of classes, so I try to get as much done in a day as possible. I even wanted to attempt to start on a 2nd bag that day, but the Little Missy took more time than I expected. It looked easy, but it wasn’t what it seemed, though I must say that once I get the hang of things, I think I can get the bag done faster.

Anyway, back to the bag project, here is the completed bag. Cute, don’t you think?

I have already started on making a second one over the weekend, though it is only up to cutting up the interfacing stage, for another niece whose favourite colour is PINK! *wink* I just hope that even with my hectic schedule at work, I can still get this bag done in time for her birthday.

I just love the motif on the fabric. It makes the bag look so cheerful, yet not too childish. I think it is just right for a girl of my niece’s age.

I think it suits this niece of mine to a T. It is so her, but she doesn’t know yet that this bag is coming her way. It’ll only be given to her when I see her, if I see her, as she is not staying in Kuala Lumpur, well, sort of. I just hope she likes it.

By the way, while I was taking a class there, Leena was also there to do a bag I can't recall the name and Roz was there to do the Little Missy too.

There was also another girl there doing a Little Missy too.

So when everyone completed their bags, we put them all together in a row, together with Leena's bag which she did the day before.

They are all very lovely, right? From left, Roz's bag, Leena's, mine and the girl who was doing her bag in class with us.

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