Friday, August 13, 2010

Catching up on lost times

3 weeks ago, on 24th July 2010, I met up with two friends who I have not seen in almost 3 years!

Netasha had come back for the holidays. She is residing in the United States with her hubby and 2 children, Isaac who will be 10 in September, and Leila, who is 7. The last time she was back here was in 2008, I think. Each time she comes back, I would try to meet up with her at least once during her visit, and usually, whenever she can, Durriyyah would join us too. We have another friend, Bella, but she isn’t always available to meet up due to family commitments and work.

The four of us, myself, Durriyyah, Netasha and Bella, were all studying at Kent State University, Ohio in the early 1980s (goes to show you how old we all are! LOL!), and Durriyyah and I shared a basement apartment together. On weekends, Netasha, or Net, as we fondly call her, and Bella, both staying on campus, would join us, and we would open up the sofa bed in the living room and sit up all night chatting and laughing. Those were really good times, filled with fond memories.

Anyway, back to the present time, we met up at Chawan in Bangsar for breakfast, and though I had already had breakfast with my hubby and son earlier (Aiman had replacement class that Saturday), but, after looking at the spread that the girls ordered, I couldn’t resist dipping into their plates! LOL!

Just look at the spread!

We had a good time catching up on all the lost times, but, because we have not met for so long, everyone wanted to talk and ask questions that we ended up talking all at the same time! LOL!

There was so much that we wanted to know about what the others were doing, but time was short as Durriyyah had a wedding to attend and I was to join my hubby and son for lunch. *sigh* Everyone’s busy, but that’s life in the city.

I met up with Net again on Sunday, 8th August, 2010, and I went through some adventure which I will tell more in a later posting.

Net left for the United States on Tuesday. I hope to meet up with her again in a year’s time when she might be coming back for raya next year.

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