Sunday, August 08, 2010

A prayer mat bag by design

I have had a couple of requests for custom made praying mat and praying mat bags, and so, for the benefit of my friends, readers, and future customers, I have decided to have all the 3 designs put here for easy reference.

I have 2 different types of praying mats which, when folded, will be like a bag for easy carrying.

The first one, PM01, is padded, and when folded into a bag, can even be a pillow should you need to take forty winks *wink* while travelling and waiting for the next praying time.

Both the front and back of the praying mat is made of 100% cotton fabric, and can be customized with laces and pockets to put in keys and jewellery while you take your wuduk.

It measures approximately 15”x 13”. It is priced at between RM80 – RM95, depending on the choice of cotton fabrics and trimmings.

The 2nd one, PM02, is a bag using an actual praying mat (the thin version) on the side that you pray on, while the other side is using 100% cotton fabric, with no padding in between.

It measures approximately 15”x 13”.

The bag can also be customised with laces and pockets,

and is priced at between RM70 – RM80, depending on the choice of cotton fabrics and trimmings.

The 3rd choice of praying mat, PM03, that I have is a standalone praying mat (it cannot be folded into a bag).

It is made of 100% cotton fabrics and is padded and quilted, and is embroidered (it can be replaced with a lace) at the top to indicate the top of the praying mat.

When folded, the praying mat will fit nicely into a bag specially made for it, should you choose to have the bag made to match the praying mat as a set. The bag, which is made of the same 100% cotton fabrics as the praying mat, is big enough to fit in your telekung and your basic make-up needs, and even your purse.

This praying mat measures approximately 24”x 42” and is priced at between RM60 – RM70, depending on the choice of cotton fabrics and trimmings.

The bag that would fit in the praying mat measures approximately 12”x 14”and is priced at between RM75 – RM85, depending on the choice of cotton fabrics and trimmings.

If you are interested to order any of the above items, please send me an email at with the code name of the item (PM01, PM02 or PM03) and let me know your choice of colours, and anything custom made that you would like to have on the item (trimmings, pockets etc.)

As, at the moment, I have yet to put up the collection of fabrics that I have in hand, I will send you an email (please check both your Inbox & Spam Folder ) with an attachment of the choice of fabrics that I have in stock in the colours of your choice for you to choose from. Once you have made your colour choices, I will let you know how much the cost of the item is and my account number for you to bank in the amount. Payment is accepted only through my Maybank account. Please let me know by email once you have banked in the payment, and include in your address where the item is to be delivered to.

Please note that price listed is NOT INCLUDING shipping and handling charges and delivery is only by Pos Daftar (Registered Mail) or Pos Laju, and will be charged according to the weight of the package. All items sold are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

I am afraid I cannot be responsible for any loss or damage during delivery, but I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you have not received the item after 10 days from the date of delivery so that I could still try to track it down through Pos Malaysia. I would most appreciate it too if you would let me know once when you have received the item so that I no longer need to keep track of it.

Lastly, as I am not doing this full time and can only work on the order mostly on weekends, and since this is a handmade and custom made item, please allow for a minimum of 2 months for the item to be made and delivered to you. But, should I complete it sooner, I will email you to let you know that item has been sent together with the registered tracking number.

Thank you!

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